Tales of Destiny II Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen
As usual, the animated intro shows events...
...and presents characters
The game's first scene
The first battle. The hero is still alone at that point
The first dungeon-like area - a simple forest
The first world (yes, there are several!) - traveling on the world map
Early battle against evil archers on the first world map. Already got two characters to join my party
Status screen
Visiting a dojo early in the game. Nice design!..
The heroes' home village
Interior locations are very cozy in this game. This is just one of the many "unimportant" houses in an early town
Cliff dungeon. Nice lighting effect!..
Breathtaking view when crossing a bridge...
...and a battle right there! Note the similarities and differences in backgrounds for exploration and battle
In the first capital city you can even watch a theater play!..
Full party menu, with four active participants
Exploring a gorgeous city towards the end of the first quarter of the game. Note the tall buildings!
Each building has a name, and they are displayed for a short while when you enter them
You can visit an observatory and read some books about physics! Sheldon Cooper would be proud
Volcanic dungeon. I made Farah the lead character now. Nearby is a save point
Fiery battle. One of my characters is knocked down
Setting up formation menu
Impressively-looking temple entrance. Keele is the leader now
The second world map - exploration
Beautiful purple colors in the second world town. Note the drastic differences in style
The houses also undergo major changes, looking more modern and less warm. It's a different civilization, indeed
Discovered some ancient ruins on a sea shore
Mid-game regular battle with an ominous sky as the background
The third world map - icy region. Meredy is leading now
Finally, a bustling town with bright colors!..
One of the story-advancing scenes. Note the goofy emoticons
Icy battle on the world map - you've gotten some more powerful attacks, as you can see!..
The party posing for victory after a battle in a snowy cave
Another civilization, another architectural style! There are even moving escalators here...
Mini-game: eat sushi as fast as you can!..
No Japanese RPG is complete without the villain talking pseudo-philosophical trash before a major battle
The next world segment allows you to sail around in this battleship!..
New characters have joined your party, as you can see. Fighting foes in darkness
No Japanese RPG is complete without a segment where you play as somebody else as a kid
Oh wow! Exploring the underwater world in a cool submarine!..
You'll literally travel to the top of the world
Late-game battle: more powerful spells. The whole screen is affected by this cyclone
You'll be able to store and upgrade such creatures in the so-called Craymel cages
You'll learn many moves and assign them to controller buttons
We are nearing the final part of the game. My characters can unleash some serious attacks by now
As if all this cool traveling weren't enough - here you can navigate a flying ship through the skies...
...and interior locations
Check out the bridge of our brand new ship!