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Tekken 3 Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen.
Main menu
Choose your character.
Don't call me 'Predator'. Yoshimitsu de-cloaks as he leaps from a tree in the CGI intro.
Young punks. Tekken 3 happens a generation after Tekken 2, hence all the new faces and children of classic Tekken characters.
Laying down the Law. Many characters have pretty maneuvers and the backgrounds, though non-functional, are also pleasing to look at.
Final Tekken Fight? Tekken 3 features a number of modes, including a dodgeball like mode and this classic punch-em-up style game.
One of Hwoarang's standard close combat attacks - looks painful!
Say hello to Eddy Gordo, the first beat-em-up character to use realistic capoeira moves.
King using one of his many wrestling moves.
Eddy sidestepped the first kick, but the second one will hit.
Barely missed.
Naturally, Tekken 3 also features some wacky bonus characters the series is infamous for.
Beautiful knock out!
Hwoarang takes Eddy by surprise with a fast bituro chagi.
Poor Julia
Jin delivering the "family-uppercut".
The replays show you the final seconds of a round from different angles.
Final boss Ogre in his first form.
Final boss Ogre in his final form.
Every character has his own short ending cinematic.