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Test Drive: Off-Road Credits

Elite Credits

Written ByGreg Knight
GraphicsAdam Batham, Edward Linley
PlayStation ConversionDavid Taylor
Development ToolsAdrian Jones, Simon Lacey, James Roberts
Additional ProgrammingSimon Lacey, Paul Taylor
Original Track DesignJason McFee
Sound EngineerJames Muggeridge
Video EditingJoel Rowney
TestingShaun Mallen, Kirk Raybould
Product SupportPhil Bradley
Development ManagerDaniel Luczywo
Project ManagerAdam Batham
Executive ProducerSteve Wilcox

Accolade Credits

Executive ProducerChris Downend
ProducerTed Tahquechi
Associate ProducersSteven M. Allison, James A. Vitales
Product ManagerSteven M. Allison
Director of AcquisitionHoward Newmark
Test Department SupervisorAlex V. Cabal
Lead TesterMatthew Guzenda
TestersArif Sinan, Forrest Marsh, Richard Gangwish, John Arvay, Sean Dornan-Fish, Ray Massa
Test SupportArnold Galano, Jerod Jackson, Andrew Elbert
DocumentationBruce Harlick, William D. Robinson

Special Thanks

Special ThanksSuburban Hummer - Sacramento CA, Gunnar Erickson Landrover of San Jose - San Jose CA, Grant Butler, Ron McKenzie, Courtesy Chevrolet - San Jose CA, Dave Spenser

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Credits for this game were contributed by Yurf 77 (271)