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Theme Park Credits


Designed byBullfrog Productions Ltd.
Conversion byKrisalis Software Ltd.
Programming byJay Butler
Original Programming byPeter Molyneux, Demis Hassabis, Mark Webley, Guy Simmons, Mark Lamport, James Robertson, Mike Diskett
Graphics and Art Concepts byPaul McLaughlin, Chris Hill, Findlay McGechie, Michael Mann, Mark Healey, Andrew Sandham
Introductory Sequence Designed by XChris Hill
Sound & Music byRussell Shaw
Testing byJeffrey Brutus, Ken Malcolm, Peter Hughes, Robert Byrne, Nick Harper, Matt Sullivan, James Smith
ManagementLes Edgar
PR & MarketingCathy Campos, Sean Ratcliffe

For Electronic Arts

DocumentationMatthew Miles Griffiths
Documentation LayoutTom Peters, Corinne Mah
Quality AssuranceBrian Studwell

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Credits for this game were contributed by Foxhack (29200)