This Is Football Credits

Team Soho

Software EngineeringPaul Nath, Ben Fawcett, Vince Diesi, Ian Wright, Jim Blackler, Lewis Evans, Luis Fernández-Lopez, Robert Swan
Art & AnimationSimon Fenton, Mario Allen, Marina Vydelingum, Antonia Allen, Luke Puig, David Hamblin, Remi Benoist
Game DesignDominic Cahalin
ProducerTony Racine
Studio ManagerBrendan McNamara
VP of DevelopmentJuan Montes
Internal SupportWai Tsang, Richard Thomson
FinanceTony Rolls
AdministrationVicky Lord
Sound EffectsJason Page
Intro MusicJason Page
Commentary Recording & EditingPaul Arnold, Andrew Barnabas
Additional ProgrammingChris Emsen, Michael Braithwaite, Zubair Anwar, David Llewellyn, Mike Ball
Manager of Special ProjectsRichard Milner
Video editing, Compression, Etc.Pete Johnson, Steve Weymouth

Quality Assurance

QA ManagerGeoff Rens
Internal QA ManagerChris Rowley
Testing SupervisorJim McCabe
Lead TesterKevin Mason
Internal TestersMatt Ekins, Anthony Gill, Mark Christy, John McLaughlin, Andy Macoy, Phil Green, Carl McKane, Darren Perkins, Dee Wiswell, Ian McEvoy, Richard Bunn, John Cassidy, John Corcoran
Manual QALee Travers, Stephen Griffiths

Introduction Sequence

Post‑Production DirectorTristram Giff
Post‑Production Co‑DirectorJason Falk
EditorTristram Giff
Sound DesignRich Martin
Music - "Under the Skin"Jason Page
Graphic DesignPete Hamblyn


Localization ManagersElodie Hummel
Localization Testers - FrenchFrans-Ben Le Normand, Moulay Drissi, Lucie Dupoireux, Thomas Klodzinski, Gaëlle Leysour de Rohello
Localization Testers - GermanBritta Kuhnen, Claudia Schultz, Christa Leonards, Tilo Pernbaum, Natja Hausmann
Localization Testers - ItalianAndrea Masneri, Arianna Pavin, Marcello Costa, Gabriele Gianini, Nicola Scirocco
Localization Testers - SpanishSusana Paredes, Dany Ruiz Díaz, Jorge Tobía Gómez, Mabel Izquierdo Miranda, Pelayo Barbero Gonzales
Localization Testers - DutchTom de Smet, Anik ten Have, Karin Wientjes

Data Research

Research LeaderJim McCabe
ResearchersAndrea Masneri, Kevin Mason, Ian Cunliffe, Stephen Talbot
CommentaryEvert Ten Napel, Thierry Roland, Jean-Michel Larque


Central Product ManagerJason Falk
Central PRElizabeth Ashford
PR SupportNicky Shields, Imogen Baker, Gareth Davies
Product ManagerTom Robberechts, Bernard Groeneveld, Jan Faber

Creative Services

Artwork and CoordinationJames Phippen
Manual and Packaging CompositionRussell Coburn
Business AffairsNainan Shah
Business Affairs AssistanceMary Jane Stuart
Photography and PackagingChris Lobina
Motion Capture ActorsScott Murray, Paul Barron, Lee Chapman
Special ThanksEvert Ten Napel, Thierry Roland, Jean-Michel Larque
Very Special ThanksJonathan and Tish of P3, Clia of Blue, Pete Hamblyn (Ghost Design), Everyone at TBWA GGT Simons Palmer, Stark Films

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Phil Green, 80 other games
Ian McEvoy, 67 other games
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John McLaughlin, 64 other games
Jason Page, 62 other games
Gaëlle Leysour de Rohello, 46 other games
John Cassidy, 46 other games
Vince Diesi, 46 other games
Dee Wiswell, 39 other games
Andy Macoy, 37 other games
Ian Cunliffe, 34 other games
Mark Christy, 32 other games
Susana Paredes, 31 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (511440)