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Thousand Arms Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
The game is full of moments like this...
Thousand Arms never fails to entertain with its dialogue
The real-time 3D graphics are pretty impressive. This is your starting town
Many of the game's little areas are rendered with a lot of love and care
The portraits are animated with almost FMV quality
Ayumi Hamasaki's "Depend on you" song perfectly sets the mood for this lighthearted adventure
The game often gives you a choice of answer, both of them are often pretty silly.
MP provided by Elemental Spirits is necessary to forge better weapons.
Character status screen
Traversing the overworld
Abandoned mine dungeon
Fighting the first boss. He's a pushover
Each battle ends with our victory animation
Cozy Mist Valley dungeon fairly early in the game
Your inventory. These are just the items you need to seduce girls!
In most towns you'll be able to capture photos of you and a girl of your choice. Results vary depending on her affection meter
Nelsha gains access to special abilities which involves her changing costumes! This is the so-called "disco transformation"
Sodina choose inventory items to use on that impressively-looking guy
A fairly tough enemy makes an appearance! This is how every battle begins
Looking down from Teve Fortress
Lucent Cave dungeon
Beautiful effects from knives thrown at the enemy
Fighting skeletons on the world map. Displaying menu for my front character - in this case, Nelsha
At some point in the game you'll be able to navigate your own ship!
The town of Hatoba. Peaceful environments, chickens... this kind of thing
House environments are unique and crafted with detail and warmth
Traversing a lava cave dungeon
Kyleen charges for an attack on a happy-looking bomber monster
The entrance to the mountain rail system that runs between several points of the game
Inside the departure hall of a typical station. Buying items
Oh wow, I've never seen such a piano before!
Another town, another unique design, and lots of camera-adjusting for smooth navigation
Hotels are different, too - the screenshot gallery can't be too large, so this is just one cozy-looking example!
Girl fight! It's Wyna against some randomly-appearing bimbo. Go get her!..
No Japanese RPG is complete without an effeminate man and a local swordsman - and in this game, it's the same guy!
The mines of Rockbit
An impressively-looking Meteor Dragon appears
Your party doesn't consist only of girls. This here is a pretty powerful character who has some elemental special abilities
A quiet, old-style European town
Even simple item shops are designed with care!
Sodina physically attacks a fire monster
A late-game dungeon with a save point
During the course of the game you'll gain access to powerful monster summons, shown as full-screen, eye-candy attacks during battles
Beautiful and scary moon surface!
Casting an ice spell on a group of enemies
A high-level summon - light deity devastated the enemy!
Get away from me! Enemies are animated in a cartoony way
A late-game boss battle. I put Kyleen in front. Check out her special abilities!
Hmm, what is this mysterious place?..