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Written by  :  GNJMSTR (174)
Written on  :  Apr 22, 2008
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Thrasher! Skate and Destroy

The Good

The game starts at an abandoned area, a place most skateboarders start off. An old skateboard, old clothes, and no money for anything new. I need to get a sponsor! Free skate around the whole area before starting the timer to beat a set score in order to beat the level and work on getting sponsored, running from security if you take too long. Controls are very easy to get used to, especially if you can skateboard. The controls make it easy to pop out the trick you want to see and land the trick. Different tricks can be set to button combos after unlocking them with new levels. I used to 360 flip everything, just because I loved the way it looked in this game. Nollie tricks look awesome! The Nollie BS 180 is another trick I used to watch over and over. Each level is full of things to skate, over and over. This game has the best spots to skate in a Playstation game. The spots were the main reason I never took my Thrasher! Skate and Destroy disc out of my Playstation for weeks. You can spend hours in one level. Using easy to learn button combos to perform amazing looking tricks never got old for me. Each level has something that will hook you until you can land a certain trick, or keep you there until you break your board.

The Bad

Not being able to get off of your skateboard is always a pain, so moving in tight spots or trying to move with no speed can be a pain. After the story is over and you have all sponsors it may get boring if skating the same spot in one level for 4 hours isn't your thing. But, this game was fun since the first day I opened it up and played it.

The Bottom Line

This isn't like Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Its Thrasher. Skate and Destroy. This is Thrasher. Each level is like something you would see in a Thrasher skateboard magazine. The way the tricks are performed on screen are mesmerizing. Each level has so many crazy stair sets, ledges, kickers, manual pads, walls to ride/transfer, skate parks, everything. Plays more realistic than Tony Hawk Pro Skater.