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Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

The greatest hits release features a playable demo of the next Tomb Raider game.
India loading screen.
One of the new moves of this game is ducking to pass through below.
A new feature of this game is the savegame crystal so you can collect these ones and use it to save your game anywhere.
Follow the monkey.
Lara is hanging in the zip line.
Misty jungle.
Inventory screen: you can see the level statistics, weapons and other items you have collected.
Another Lara's movement is dash to run faster.
Lara is swimming.
After clearing the level, here's the statistics.
The assault course is back since TR2 and now is majored.
Another feature is to hang in the monkey bars, new in the assault course.
And the shooting range course too.
Intro in Antarctica.
The drilling team finds some mysterious ruins...
Title screen
Main menu
Laura's house returns.
A little redecorating since TR2.
An indoor gym course acts as a tutorial.
Laura hits the jungles
Lots of hoppy-jumpy-shooty exploring to do.
Cutscenes now take place in-engine.
Close up on the Laura model.
Pretty waterfalls.
Laura can crawl now.
Flares return from TR2.
Mind the piranhas...
After the first few levels, you can can pick your next set.
In the Nevada desert.
Mind the snake...
Laura's been captured by the military.
Mind the guards...
Laura packs her bags and heads to London.
Mind the drop...
Double-fisted shooty action.
Down into the Underground.
Mind the bums...