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Tomb Raider Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Intro movie scene, in Los Alamos, New Mexico.
Intro movie scene, present day on imperial hotel in Calcuta.
A rocky area
Inside a temple
Intro to the first level
Shooting at a wolf from a safe distance.
Pulling a block.
A wolf is attacking.
Surprising a bear in its... stable?
Underwater, pulling a lever that opens the door to a secret room.
This item is needed to open the exit of the second level.
In front of a temple
Avoid those swinging axes!
In the lost valley, Lara is attacked by raptors...
... and a T-Rex!
Peru loading screen.
Crossing through the arrows.
After clearing the level, here's the statistics.
Lara's home intro.
Lara's home loading screen.
The Greatest Hits release of Tomb Raider featured demos of Tomb Raider 2 and Fighting force.
Title Screen.
Kill the bear!
Ancient bridge
Aztec's calendar?
Underground swimming pool
Half air
Run, Lara, run!
Bad wolves!
This crystal means "save point" I can save my progress and continue from here.
Staying on this pad can make the door open.
Inventory screen: I can see the compass and other items that I have collected.
Lara's home: The library.
Lara's home: The music room, it has a mat to practice jumps.
I have too much things to unpack.
Lara jumps into the pool.