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Total Eclipse Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen. I actually kinda like the logo.
Main Menu. You can invert the flight controls and turn the music and sound on or off.
The first area has a swamp theme. These somewhat Tron-inspired enemies are one of the most common in the game.
Tunnel entrances look like this. You have to fly into the blue shaft to fly down them. It is possible to miss and crash into the wall behind it.
Entrance to first tunnel. All of the tunnel entrances begin and end with a section that looks like this.
Tunnels are a bit sparse early on. Later tunnels have lots of obstacles and enemies.
Spiraling tunnel section. Crashing into walls is a big problem in the tunnels.
First boss battle. He's pretty easy.
Magma Prime. The second area has a lava theme.
An out-of-the-way hidden tunnel entrance and extra life collectible.
Some of the later and hidden tunnels are a bit more interesting.
A lot of tunnels have walls and barriers you need to fly around.
Many of the tunnels also have these timing sections where you have to slow down and fly through a series of sliding doors.
This is what you see when you get a 'game over'.