Turbo Prop Racing Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

The game's booting screen.
Introductory movie: starting the engines...
I'm going to get you!
The introductory movie ends with this.
These are the available languages.
As usual in racing games, each available vehicle has his advantages.
The available tracks, each one harder than the one before...
3... 2... 1... Go! (the player always starts in last...)
Get the hell out of my way!
One of the available views (the others are 1st and 3rd person angles).
Those two green items are nitro power ups.
Oh no, you don't. I must win (else I loose!)
At last, in first position. Must keep it until the end, right?
Ending the race in first position.
And the screen with the congratulations.
Ending the first race immediately loads the second one (wild water canyon, and indeed it is wild!)
These waters are faster and tighter than the ones in the last race.
"Relative" water jump ahead.
Every time we end a lap, the time extends (as usual).
Very hard right turn...