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Written by  :  Slinker (19)
Written on  :  Feb 26, 2006
Rating  :  3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars

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Original, if rather repetitive...

The Good

The game offers a solid platform for dogfighting. You can get close up to your opponents and plant mines, hit them from far away with homing missiles, and even blow them out of the sky with customized attacks!

The graphics, while not spectacular, offer enough to get you through the various levels, all of which contain several secret locations or weapons. One of my personal favourites of these is the Crane in Construction Yard.

One of it's nicest features is the ability to, once started a level, take out the game CD and replace it with your own music CD, so you can enjoy your own tunes while playing. Also, if you happen to like the music on the disc itself, pop it in your CD player and enjoy!

Overall, a decent, if not terribly exciting game.

The Bad

If I were to choose one bad thing about this game, it would have to be how boring it gets. It gets slow... fast. The lack of variety is most obvious in the Design Your Own Vehicle stage, in which you can choose from 3 Main models (Small, Medium, Large). There you can choose only a couple makes and colour differences.

Another annoying feature is the split screen. Instead of the now, more traditional, vertical split, it uses the horizontal. Now I've played other games (Gran Turismo, Burnout 3, etc) where this works just fine. However, with TM4, I can hardly use it without getting extremely frustrated. Coupled with this is the lack of ability to change angles, or camera locations, making it even harder to find out where the hell you are.

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a cool, easy game to blow up other cars in - this is the one for you. As long as you're willing to play alone!