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Twisted Metal Credits

54 people (48 developers, 6 thanks)

Designed bySony Interactive Studios America
Published bySony Computer Entertainment America
Designed and Developed bySingleTrac Entertainment Technologies

Sony Interactive Studios America

ProducerAllan Becker
Executive ProducerAndy Sells
Associate ProducerDavid Jaffe (as Dave Jaffe)
Assistant ProducerHunter Luisi
Created and Designed byDavid Jaffe (as Dave Jaffe), Mike Giam
Vehicle SketchesLee Wilson, Famous Frames
Dashboard PhotographyJeff Barco
Calypso ActorLance Simco
Calypso PhotographerCraig Incardone
QA ManagerSeiken Nakama
Lead TesterJose Cruz
TestersTobin A. Russell (as Tobin Russel), Bruce Cochrane, Aaron Koniak, Kimmer Kimzey, Glenn Waguespack
Very Special Thanks to:Rich Robinson (as Rich Robinson), Kelly Flock, Brian J. Wiklem, Emiko Foss-Jaffe, Cary Libowsky, Hunter Crescell

SingleTrac Entertainment Technologies - Salt Lake City, Utah

ProducerScott Campbell
Directed ByMichael Jackson (as Michael D. Jackson)
Director of Software DevelopmentRandy Zorko
Technical DirectorMike Mason
Game Software DevelopmentSteve Poulson, Travis Hilton, Jay Barnson
3D Graphics DesignersKen Carlson, Jennifer Fortin, Pierre Dufresne
3D Graphics ToolsRussell Almond (as Russ Almond)
Sound DesignerSandi Geary
Test ManagerPolly Harris
ConsultantsMichael Badger, Kirk Baum, Bob Dawson
Network ManagerBrad Edwards
TestersNate Pendleton, Angie Bartholomew, Jon Marquette
Additional ArtworkOndre Pettingill, Steve Kropp
Screen Backgrounds ByChristopher Liechty (of Crowell-Vernon - Salt Lake City, Utah)
Music Composed and Produced byChuck E. Myers (as Chuck E. Meyers), Tom Hopkins, Lance Lenhart
Executive ProducersSam Cardon, Kurt Bestor (for The Pinnacle Group and Big Idea Music Productions)

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Credits for this game were contributed by timebender (222)