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Um Jammer Lammy Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Start screen
Main menu
Options menu
Level start
Chop Chop Master Onion returns for another lesson.
What is Lammy holding? It's not a guitar!
There's a fire, and all the roads have been blocked off!
Use the hose like a guitar and help Chief Puddle put the fire out.
You can also play the stages co-operatively with one player as Lammy, and one as Rammy.
The candy-vomiting Cathy Pillar ushers Lammy into a nursery.
Playing guitar with baby rabbits to put them to sleep.
Your flight is in safe hands.
Fussenpepper changes moods throughout the song.
The dopey Fussenpepper's lyrics are easier to jam to.
Lammy's forgotten her guitar!
Luckily, there's a nearby guitar store.
Jam with the crazy guitar store owner
If you do badly, the bear in the tree will leap down and swipe at you.
Nearly done!
Lammy slips on a banana peel, dies, and winds up in hell.
The credits begin to roll because the game's over!
Jam with a dazzling diva in the underworld.
Go, Lammy, go!
Fail, and Teriyaki Yoko will be furious.
Lammy's rival, Rammy, almost catches up to her as she escapes from hell.
Finally at the gig!
Lammy and her friends at their performance
Lammy meets her teachers again in the final song.
After completing the game with Lammy, you can play through again as PaRappa!