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The Unholy War Credits

47 people (42 developers, 5 thanks)


ProgrammingFred Ford, Ken Ford
Lead DesignPaul Reiche III
Lead ArtistSteve Kongsle
ProducerMark Wallace
DesignJohn Dumala, Toby Schadt
ArtistMeagan Carabetta, Maj Cole, Gary Ellington, Terrence C. Falls, Robert Holm, Michael Nagatani
Additional DevelopmentJames Graham, Andrew Leker, Tynan Wales
Music and ScoringBurke Trieschmann
Additional MusicSteven Scherer
Sound EffectsSteve Papoutsis
Video SequencesDarren Cranford, Janek Czechowicz, Kay Darby, Richard Dudley, Clint Green, Brad Ryan
Product Marketing ManagerChip Blundell
Test ManagerAlex Ness
Lead TesterRolef Conlan
TestersChristopher Bruno, James Cabot, Casey Craig, Rich Krinock, Todd Malone, Mark Medeiros, Billy Mitchell, Christopher Pappalardo, C. Matthew Prescott, Adi Taylor, Tony Townsend
Playtesting - Eidos UKJason Walker, Jonathon Redington, Lawrence Day
Special ThanksLeon Cannon, Steve Groll, Charles Martin, Jonathan Miller, Brian Silva

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jonathon Redington (23), Jason Walker (1772), Jeanne (76254) and Frumple (1050)