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Written by  :  Oblio (108)
Written on  :  Feb 25, 2006
Platform  :  PlayStation
Rating  :  4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars

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Imaginative and Under-rated game!

The Good

The lush environments, extensive gameplay and battles. I love the battle engine with the countless (literally!) weapons that you can collect and build! The weapon selection is what makes this game a unique experience. You can tear down a weapon to it's basic components and then combine them in other ways to create completely NEW ones! How fun is that! It's a surprise at what you can come up with. Some weapons are better than others depending upon who or what you use it on. And of course the more you use it the better it is, other that repairing it occasionally!

The worlds are huge and there is lots and lots of game here! Each area not only has a vast array of rooms, but levels upon sub levels. 1st floors, 2nd floors, basements, sub-basements, hidden subways to other areas! There are so many variables that this game has excellent replay value as well. There is just simply TOO much to write about here for this game.

The bosses, monsters are all amazing and have various difficulties, an a decent AI that grows with the levels and enemy you face. Fabulous turn based battle engine with multiple forms of attack, and chaining of abilities/spells etc. to give you that extra force! The chain attack feature rewards you’re improving skill in combat, because as you get better at it, the more effective your attacks become! Fun with out being too evil or scary, which makes it somewhat OK for the younger crowd, but the complex battle system and weapon selection make this too difficult for younger gamers. More suited to bright 10 year olds and up.

The Bad

Some camera angles were difficult, but realistic considering the room or situation you are in. VERY easy to get lost in the levels due to similar looking rooms. It's quite easy to get turned around and going the wrong way. When you consider the size of some of the areas, it is something that is very annoying. You really have to stay aware as to were you are/were including directions like N, S, E, and W. (esp. in the forests!).

The Bottom Line

A real gem. A hidden gem and packs a ton of play AND replay value! Good story, if complicated, but that only adds to the depth! Good movement and action, great battle engine. Not for the hack and slash orgy of violence crowd, but you have to outwit the monster/enemy as much as hit him. There are also some interesting puzzles to make it more challenging. If you find this on the shelf, grab it. A good one to have in the collection.