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Vagrant Story Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen / Main menu
Intro opening (probably the only CG in the game)
Intro with in-game graphics: easier than it looks...
Cutscenes in the game have those comic book-like dialogue bubbles
Fighting is a bit similar to Parasite Eve, where you see the radius your weapon can reach.
Even after you strike, you can use certain ingame option for some extra doings.
These blue lights are the only places you can save your game at.
Beside the in-game mini-map, you can check every corner in detail of already explored areas on a bigger one.
In the menu you can check your health status and condition.
Changing weapons, shields, armour, upgrading stuff, using magic... learning quick navigation through ingame menu is a must.
Zooming out the game may prove useful when in combat or for noticing something.
Only in workshops can you assemble and dismantle weapons and shields, and repair stuff.
Bats are the most harmless and simplest to defeat creatures you'll encounter.
Certain options in the menu will only appear if you're in a certain mode (ie. battle mode) or in a certain place. (ie. workshop)
Switch to first-person view for this grim and atmospheric vision of a dark cathedral
You'll ride such platforms a lot in the game
Undead attack me from both sides!
Overcompensating, much? Posing with a huge weapon
Several levels take place on town streets. They are built, however, just like the rest of the game's dungeons, and are populated by human enemies
Abandoned Mines. This animal dares to breathe fire at me!..
One of the game's many cutscenes - here feature Callo, Ashley's partner and one of the few female characters
Traversing the Undercity
Climbing on old roofs
Practicing chaining abilities on a dummy
Oh yeah?! And you fight like a COW!!..
Beautiful hall - but aren't those coffins?..
In this dark room undead have trapped me - this ghost is casting a mind-controlling spell!
Ashley is no stranger to spells, either! Check out this awesome effect from high-level thunder magic
Casting a powerful flame spell
Snowfly Forest - the game's only truly natural, outdoor area
Switching to first-person mode to look across the river and spot a guard there
Ashley is casting a poison spell on poor, unsuspecting lizards
More lizard action: crazy lizards jumping around in a cellar!
Back to the town! This time, there is a battle on a bridge
The enemy casts an icy spell on me
Jumping over a chasm in one of the later levels, a big temple
A decisive boss battle late in the game. The boss is casting a devastating spell!..