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Valkyrie Profile Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Not very common in console RPGs: An adjustable difficulty level
Prologue: Lucien is saving Platina from her mother
Meeting Odin
An early battle against a harpy. Arngrim is getting ready
Emotional stories is one of this game's biggest strengths
An early boss battle. This guy doesn't stand a chance
World map navigation: fly wherever you want
Ancient ruins. Contact with an enemy
Those guys can't withstand our combined power
Climbing on ladders
Battle spoils
Lenneth is concentrating to locate new dungeons on the map
Beautiful snowy forest
Talking to people and sharing their problems
Chinese-style restaurant
Oh yeah? And you fight like a cow! ... ... Sorry, I'm too tired to think of a better comeback
I'll just stand here quietly, contemplating....
Mysterious meadow. Does it bring back any memories, Lenneth?..
Lenneth is relaxing on the beach. Ragnarok can wait!
Another emotional story. The game is sad - all your companions are souls of dead people!
Whee! Jumping on a frozen enemy
Entering a house. There are very small pre-rendered videos that add animation to the picture
Battle menu
Charged-up combo
Found a treasure chest in the Dragon Cave
A snowy palace late in the game. What awaits you, heroines and heroes?..
Regular battle against tough foes late in the game
Beautiful disc-changing screen
General in-game menu
Equipment screen