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IGN (Apr 26, 2000)
Here's the bottom line: Vanark promises nothing, and delivers almost everything one could want in a shooter. In a time of mega-hyped crap and over-exposed drivel, Vanark's gameplay speaks softly and carries one big @$$ stick. Gorgeous visuals thanks to some welcome graphics diversity, great control, and a few surprises make this one of the year's biggest and most pleasant surprises. If you're even a bit of a fan of the shooter genre, you owe it to yourself to check this game out.
PSX Nation (May 26, 2000)
Neither a sleeper hit or a flawed classic, "Vanark" is an average shooter that provides PlayStation gamers with an odd mission interface and a rarely-seen-on-the-system perspective that's backed by solid control, average graphics and bad music. Jaleco published this title a few weeks ago but you'd be hard-pressed to come by with anyone who even heard of its existence (we only heard about it through a friend and the Review), even though it's now selling for an affordable $20. We strongly suggest that, if you like shooters and own a PSX, you check out "Vanark"; God (if he/she/it exists) knows you'll need some alien scum to shoot at on the PSX while Working Designs gets their "Raycrisis" title ready later this year.
Consider Vanark to be short, but oh so sweet. Even on the hardest difficulty, don't expect to be kept up into the wee hours of the night finishing the game. But after dodging fire from a thousand enemies, outrunning an underground river of lava, narrowly escaping on a skiff, and saving an entire planet, you'll feel as if you spent months in the trenches.
GameSpot (Mar 31, 2000)
In the end, Vanark is a really good game. Unfortunately, it's a really good game that lasts for two to three hours, and it doesn't offer anything other than a level-selection option after completing it. So while you might really enjoy playing this game, you might be best served by renting it for a night.
Game Critics (Jun 07, 2000)
Of all the games released that are based on hit titles in their respective genres, few escape the stigma of being a clone or rehash. Those that do usually do so because either there is such a dearth of that type of game on a system, or that the developer did such a great overall job that the similarities can be ignored. In the case of Vanark, it is such an underwhelming game, that as a whole it cannot shine. All the similarities to Star Fox, the graphical glitches, as well as the underdeveloped third-person perspective mode all add to a lackluster title. All told, a bit more fleshing out of the story, as well as the addition of more than the measly seven stages to the game, and Vanark may have stood a chance of being the PlayStation's Star Fox. As such, it is Sony's first Vanark, and that game is a dud.
PSM (Jun, 2000)
Making matters worse, the game requires you to control your pilot between stages, as he painstakingly trudges around the inside of the command ship. Rather than simple watch an exciting cinema before combat, you have to talk to people - at a snail's pace - and navigate rooms. What fun is that? The answer is, as with the rest of the experience, is "not much." Only the most fanatical shooter veterans will enjoy this game, and even then, not for long.