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Vanark Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Intro cutscene fighter action!
Main menu
Scientists have made monsters on Mars.
Your command ship and launching facility.
Between-mission dialogue takes place on the ship.
Roam the ship through Resident Evil-style controls.
The Mk6 fighter up-close.
In the fighter for some Star Fox-style shooting.
Your robot co-pilot will give "advice"
Watch out for swamp worms!
First mini-boss, and he looks hungry.
Launch missiles with Square.
Levels have branching paths.
Skimming over some Martian jungle.
First boss fight. Watch that laser!
Meeting a new member of the team.
Pre-mission briefing.
Select your weapons loadout and wingman.
Taking out some surface defenses in a new level.
The fighter can operate underwater.
Second mini-boss fight.
Diving deep to avoid some defenses.