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Virus: It Is Aware Credits

Cryo Team

ProducerJean-Martial Lefranc
Production ManagersPhilippe Bayle, Eric Mallet
Project ManagersBruno Galet, Philippe Remondière, Hélène Gripon (Assistant)
Main ProgrammerDavid Saulnier
ProgrammersPatrice Zink, Claude Gobert
Lead Artist: CinematicsLaurent Baudet
Lead Artist: Real TimeLaurent Ledru
3D Special EffectsDavid Bercier
GameplayStéphane Chatellier
Level DesignersAyrald Anneron, Kirkor Alis
MusicsGilles Sivilotto
Sound FXJean-Baptiste Merland
MarketingMichel Mimran, Fabienne Ledanois (Assistant)
Product ManagersWilfrid Vinmer, Christelle Blanchet, Simon Vivien (Assistant)
PackagingRéflexion Faite, Géraldine Frainais, Eric Poupy
Commercial TeamPatrice Rullier, Tuyen Nguyen, Benoît Faure, Georges Yaryura
Back‑OfficeCarine Lapouméroulie
SellsCaroline Colin-Madan

In Utero Graphic Team

Project ManagerFrédéric Ressaire
3D Lead ArtistDavid Legrand
Lead ArtistStéphane Bachelet
Real Time & CinematicsRenaud Bec, Guillaume Boivin, Arnaud Bouron, Chloe Colarossi, Franck Paris, Romain Petitmangin, Frédéric Ressaire, Patrick Rivière, Nino Sapina, Jocelyn Tridémy, Stéphane Valette
Story & AdaptationGuillaume Eluerd
Cinematics ComposingGilles Chavy
Special ThanksStéphane Petit, Francis Pierot, Jean-Louis Agobet, Thierry Prost (Guitares), Carolyn Rogers (Voices), Valérie, Valentoche, Frédéric, Zox, Jess man, Seb

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (225981)