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VMX Racing Credits (PlayStation)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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VMX Racing Credits


ProducersJoel Seider, Dave Hoffman (Dave Hoffman)
ProgrammingJoel Seider
ArtCharles Ernst (Chuck Ernst), Mark Duncan, Steven Bodnar
Additional ArtRichard Divizio (Rich Divizio), Dave Matthews, Joel Seider
Music and SoundE Sound, Tommy Tallarico
Additional MusicMark Duncan, Jon Studtmann
TestersDavid Arranaga, Andrew Brown (Andy Brown), Lee Jones, Leland Mah, James Martinez, David Ontiveros (Dave Ontiveros), Jose Zatarain
Special ThanksSteve Harris, David A. Luehmann (Dave Luehmann), Aaron Vincer, Byron Motorsports Park, Chris Lomont, Goat Brecker, Chris Valdez, Richard Sallis, Thomas Chan, David Localio, Sue Lucchino, Carlos Rodriguez, Tina Kowalewski
Special Thanks Afam, Alpine Stars, Arai, Axo, Renthal, Boysen, Twin Air, FMF, Fox, GFI, N Style, Pro Circuit, Race Tech, Scott, Sinisalo, Shoei, Thor, Xtreme, Yamaha, O'Neal
Additional Work By Michael Cihak (Mike Cihak), Scott Williamson, Jamie Learned, Andy Szaflarski, Darin Petersen

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (205172)