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VR Baseball '97 Credits

76 people (74 developers, 2 thanks)


Director of Sports DevelopmentMatthew Findley
Associate ProducerJim Boone
3D ProgrammingDarryl Dion Hawkins
Baseball Engine ProgrammingMike Burton (I'll be at the beach if you need me.)
ProgrammingRichard Doerksen (The Cleaner), Dan Bright (Book'em Dano), Robert Holloway (There are those that do; those that think about doing; and those that get it done.), Perry Lin (Perrycat; Perrycat), Joe O'Brien (If you're going to be late; call!), Arthur Attila Donavan (Crystalman)
Additional ProgrammingDidier Malenfant (Hired guns), Greg Christensen (Hired guns)
3D AnimatorScott Bendis (All-Star Salute to Bendo(TM)), Brian Wyser (When do the season change?)
3D ModelersScott Bendis, Brian Wyser, Robert Nesler
Opening MovieGarrett Yanai (The sixth man)
2D ArtDavid Finley, Chris Salazar
Art DesignDavid Finley
Additional ArtTramell Ray Isaac, Scott Beiser
Game DesignMatthew Findley, Jim Boone, All of VR Sports
Line ProducersJeffrey Karl Barnhart (Red-5), Brandon Lee Lang (Where there's a will there's an A)
Audio DirectorCharles Deenen
MusicBrian Luzietti
Based on Rock and Roll Part 2 byGary Glitter
Recorded atThe Complex
Recording EngineerBob Brown
2nd EngineerLiz Magro
Organ MusicBrian Luzietti, Ronald Valdez
Stadium Ambience MusicRonald Valdez, Brian Luzietti, Gregory R. Allen, Chazz
Sound EffectsLarry Peacock, Gregory R. Allen
Ambience FXCharles Deenen
Audio MasteringCraig Duman
Music MasteringCMS Digital
Voice EditingChris Borders, Sergio A. Bustamante II (as Sergio Bustamante Jr.), Gregory R. Allen
VR Sports Logo MusicRichard Band
VR Sports Logo FXPaul Mancini (at EFX), Charles Deenen
3D Audio ProcessingRoland RSS, Spatializer 3D
Anthem SingersAngel Singleton (Deja), Natasha Barr (Deja), Chinita Dockins (Deja), Herman Ludlow, Ann Berg
PA AnnouncerGreg Katz (Go Anteaters!)
Vendors VoicesMatthew Findley, Chris Borders, Greg Katz
Crowd VoicesInterplay Audio Department, VR Sports Team
StatisticiansDennis M. Miller, Darrell Jones
Den MotherNoelle Seguin (Where's Matt?)
Director of VR Sports MarketingPaul Sackman (You can't stop the bull hook!)
VR Sports Associate Product ManagerStacy Bremmer (Have you seen my boss?)
Director of QAChad Allison (Boogie)
Assistant Dir. of QAColin Totman (The Stairmaster)
IS TechnicianSteve Cabiness
Lead TestersDerek Bullard (Cornflake Boy), Greg Baumeister (The moose is loose)
TestersJames Dunn (Mr. Baseball), Christopher Jones (Touchdown!), John Fernando (Rock-a-Billy Lives), Sean Johnson (as Sean Christopher Johnson/The one and only Papa G), Donnie Cornwell (Two Tons), Arlen Nydam (Viva La France), Michael Krueger (Signing here is not an admission of guilt...), Jeremy Ray, Jim Dodds (Puckhead), James Harrison (They forgot the hot sauce), Charlie Gale, Erick Lujan (Vampire), Christian D. Peak, Joshua Walters (Butch), Kaycee Vardeman (as Kaycee Vardaman/Death before disco)
Special ThanksThe entire VR Sports team (for their hard work and dedication), Brian Fargo (for believing in the vision)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Hipolito Pichardo (5917)