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Gamezilla (1998)
If you turn the difficulty level up to the max, this is a pretty fun game. Yes, there are too many homeruns but the good fielding and running controls make up for it. I do wish that there were more balls that were hit deep in the outfield instead of either being a homerun or line drive. The pitching management was a great addition and I don't know why it took someone this long to implement it. This game is one of the best when it comes to background sounds and the different vendors will keep you laughing. If you can get over the graphics not looking as good as the others, you will have a good time with this game.
The only other next-gen Baseball game I have played recently was Triple Play 99. To be quite honest as a non-fanatic, non-statistics obsessed baseball nut, I enjoyed Triple Play more than VR Baseball 99, it's just more fun to play and not as bogged down in stats and accuracy. Don't get me wrong, VR wins on accuracy and realism but that's not what really makes me play most games. On the other hand, VR is a little easier to play and definitely lends itself more to a tactical game than Triple Play. If I had to make a choice between VR 99 and Triple Play 99, I would chose Triple Play, but that's just my opinion, you should make up your own mind based on the rest of the review, or hire both and make up your own mind.
Power Unlimited (Oct, 1998)
VR Baseball 99 is overigens wel een van de betere baseball games die ik ooit gespeeld heb. De gameplay is uitstekend en soms is het zelfs spannend. De details zijn trouwens ook niet misselijk.
Video Games (Sep, 1998)
Wer auf ein unkompilziertes Drauflosspielen Wert legt, sollte hier zugreifen. Umgekehrt bedeutet dies aber, daß Freaks und Profis etwas enttäuscht sein werden. Zusatz-Features wie einen Mannschafts- oder Spieler-Editor vermißt man hier ebenso wie einen Simulations-Modus, in dem historische Begegnungen nachgestellt werden können. Eingefleischte Baseball-Fans sollten sich auf einem anderen Konsolensystem umsehen - nämlich Nintendo 64. All Stars Baseball ‘99 bietet die beste Alternative für Profis.
Mega Fun (Oct, 1998)
Für Einsteiger ist das Spiel auf jeden Fall geeignet, aber gegenüber der Referenz All-Star Baseball ‘99 ist VR Baseball leider eine ganze Klasse schlechter.
The problem with PlayStation baseball games in that they aren't realistic enough. VR Baseball isn't flawless in this respect, but it does re-create the nuances and plays in the game of baseball much better than its competitors - and, even more importantly, the game is still fun. As good as the games realism is, the features and graphics are not. [Its] graphics are quite messy and bland. The presentation and atmosphere of the game is also quite uninspired, giving the game a somewhat sloppy feel throughout. Despite all of these faults, the fact that I am still recommending the game is a tribute to its strengths.
Although VR Baseball 99 is not as detailed as other games, it is enjoyable to play. The flow of the game and the controls are very good. Enough statistics are included and checking on the all-star voting after every game lets you know how your players stack up against the league's best. Plus, this is the best music in a baseball videogame to date.
GameSpot (Jun 24, 1998)
All in all, VR Baseball 99 is a good baseball simulation. But to claim that the game is some sort of diamond in the rough is just plain wrong. It's got decent AI, great sound, and a few cool features. But with its flat play control and funky graphics, VR Baseball 99 doesn't come anywhere close to delivering the overwhelmingly entertaining experience of Triple Play 99.