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Advertising Blurbs

Steam Store Description:
    I'm sure you remember this game. It was the first soccer game that made you smell the grass and feel on your leg after every foul. You were playing from virtually any perspective with smooth and fast camera action that got you in the game. Its interactive technology didn't look better, but it played better. You do remember, don't you?

    Choose from 44 international teams and select the position you want to play. Try head to head or alternating play modes for one or two players and even more multiplayer fun?

    Feel the soccer once again.

    • The first football game to utilize 3D graphics; also known as Actua Soccer
    • Create your own team and customize it to suit your preferences
    • Play with up to 15 of your friends!

    Contributed by Rik Hideto (391132) on Apr 10, 2020.

Print advertisement - PC Player 12/1995:

    ran soccer


    Der Action-Kick !!!

    ranSoccer - Fußball wie auf dem Rasen: schnell, action-geladen und spannend bis zur letzten Sekunde ...

    ranSoccer bietet Fußball total:
    - Realistische Bewegungen durch Motion-Capturing von internationalen Spitzenspielern.
    - Freie Betrachtung des Spieles aus allen Kameraperspektiven durch das True3D™-System.
    - Auswahl aus 44 internationalen Teams.
    - 22 interaktive Spieler mit jeweils 8 verschiedenen Eigenschaften.
    - Organisation eigener Meisterschaften.
    . Bis zu 5 Spieler an einem PC möglich.
    - Netzwerk-Option für bis zu 20 Spieler.
    - Wiederholung aller Spielzüge mglich
    - Videoleinwand im Stadion.
    - Perfekte Simulation der Fußballwelt durch intensive Zusammenarbeit mit SAT.1 Sport und Jörg Wontorra.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (258505) on Apr 08, 2010.

Official UK PlayStation Magazine (April, 1997):


    PlayStation Power: "Last year, FIFA '96 took a critical mauling at the hands of Actua Soccer...while FIFA '97 is undoubtedly better than last year's effort, Actua still pips it at the post as a better all around game"

    Mean Machines PlayStation: "If you want comparisons, think of Actua Soccer as Premier League champions Manchester United and FIFA '97 as the Diadora's languishers Stafford Rangers."

    PlayStation Pro: "Is FIFA '97 better than Actua? Get outta town!"

    PlayStation Plus: "Actua Soccer is better than FIFA '97. In fact it makes FIFA look like the wheezy kid who was always picked last at school"

    ACTUA SOCCER: 4 - FIFA '97: 0

    Contributed by Apogee IV (2322) on Jan 02, 2007.

SCEE Australia website - PlayStation:
    One of the most hyped sports games of 1996 - and deservedly so - Actua Soccer really stands out from the crowd as one of the few football sims to deliver great gameplay and stunning graphics in equal measure. Thanks to the power of PlayStation there's no compromise. At Gremlin's quater of a million pound motion capture studios, the talents of professional footballers Chris Woods, Andy Sinton and Graham Hyde were used for optimum realism in terms of player movement.

    This investment has paid off, and the 44 international teams play like their real-life counterparts. There are multiple in-game options, including team editing facilities, eight skill factors, custom cups, teams, leagues, tournaments and friendlies. In fact, everything you could want.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66511) on Jul 04, 2004.