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WarGames: DEFCON 1 Credits (PlayStation)

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WarGames: DEFCON 1 Credits


Executive ProducerRobb Alvey
Associate ProducerSean Wilson
Production CounselRob Rader
UK ProducerJim Banting
Project ManagementPhilip Oliver
Technical ManagementAndrew Oliver
Team LeaderJohn Whigham
Project DirectorsJohn Whigham, Richard Hackett
Art DirectorStephen Thomson
Original DesignRichard Hackett, John Whigham, Richard Hackett
Consultant DesignersJohn Badham, John Tarnoff
StorylineJohn Badham, John Tarnoff
Lead DesignerLeigh Griffiths
DesignersSaty Mann, Ben Claridge, Jason Tassell, Girish Mekwan, Robin Butler, Graeme Kerton, Matt Armstrong, Ashley Tarver
Lead ProgrammersIan Bird, Andrew Oliver
ProgrammersMike Higgs, Tony Povey, Steve Bond
Tools ProgrammerMartyn Ash
Lead ArtistStephen Thomson
ArtistsScott Davidson, Jason Tassell, Tahir Rashid, Tim Pestridge, Joss Adley, Jonathan Scarcliffe, David Manuel
Music & Sound FXTommy Tallarico Studios Inc.
Voice TalentMichael Gough, Lani Minella
Additional VoicesJoey Kuras, Sean Wilson, Robb Alvey, Sarah Jacques, Tommy Tallarico, Michael Lamoureux, Dillon , John Shaw, Scott Barrett, Victor Lucas, John Carroll
Quality Assurance ManagerRawson Law Stovall
QA Project LeadRue Hon
QA Technical LeadMichael Menichetti
QA Console LeadPax Adair
Quality Assurance TestersKeith Alexander, Andrew Amondson, Robert Karanfilian, Robert Loftus, Craig McCoy, Dalan Musson, William Thomas Roe, Malcolm Spellman, Chris Strompolos, Craig Warmsley, Chris Washington
ManualLeigh Griffiths, Russ Ceccola
FMV ProductionMondo Media
FMV ProducerMelissa Kangeter
FMV Art DirectorBrittnell Anderson
FMV ArtistsManuel Marquez (SuperManny), Art Matsuura, Pete Paris, Mat Smiley
LocalisationAlpha CRC Ltd CTO Spa, Gryphon Game Translations, U‑TRAX Multimedia Productions
Localisation ManagerLiz Altham, Carol Aggett
Special ThanksJacqui Lyons, Tim Winter, Kim Kofmehl

Electronic Arts

Product ManagerDarryl Still
European DocumentationJames Lenoël, Ian McClelland
Translation Co‑ordinationClare Parkes, Petrina Wallace
Documentation LayoutJohn Falkus, John Montague
European QAJames Deverill, Justin Buck
Materials PlannerSally Pelling

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