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PSX Nation (Mar 13, 2001)
Fantasy RPG fans will find plenty to like in "Warriors of Might & Magic", especially the constant action and detailed locations in which Alleron does battle, but 3DO's ideas exceeded the ability of the console to deliver them. May we suggest you rent it, and keep your fingers crossed for the PS2 version to fix the camera and pump-up the polygon count in those dungeon beasts?
Meristation (Apr 20, 2001)
Es un juego que tiene todos los defectos de la versión para PS2 pero que a su vez no tiene ninguna de las virtudes. Quizás los programadores se han dedicado a crear primero la versión PS2 de este juego, y luego hayan realizado la versión de PSOne a base de recortar cosas. Esta versión es posible que pase desapercibida, a no ser que nos gusten este tipo de historias, la cual puede resultar bastante absorbente. Pero la realidad apunta a que aventuras de acción, ya hay unas cuantas en el extenso catálogo de PSOne, y este título no va a poner ninguna pica en Flandes.
IGN (Jan 17, 2001)
Warriors of Might and Magic is a better game than Crusaders of Might and Magic, but if you really want to play Gauntlet Legends then you should really buy the Nintendo 64 version and play the real thing. It's four-player and relatively fast, and you can choose the player you like. Warriors, however, while not a genuine game, does have an amazing sense of arcade play. You smell the compelling scent of sizzling ground beef just around the corner, and you keep playing just to see what the next big prize will be. I don't know, though, I had fun playing Warriors despite all of its weaknesses and hapless mimicry. There's not too much to it, which is strangely nice. You just pick up the controller and play, no brains needed. There is a need for that in videogames, right?
If you're starved for a hack-and-slash game with a medieval theme, you'd be better off with Gauntlet Legends.
Hur 3DO kan släppa skräp som Warriors of Might & Magic är för mig en gåta, särskilt som de andra spelen i Might & Magic-serien, med Heroes i spetsen, är riktigt bra. Men faktum kvarstår, och den som tillbringar mer än en timme med Warriors of Might & Magic bör nog ta sig en allvarlig funderare på om det inte är dags att skaffa sig ett liv.