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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Overall User Score (6 votes) 3.2

Critic Reviews

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PSX Extreme (Oct 05, 1999)
WCW Mayhem features a variety of modes, a four player option, a create a player option, a sort of carrier mode and even secret characters. Mayhem does a better job in most of the categories than Attitude, but only fails by a bit in the graphics section. If you like WCW you should definitely pick this game up. If you like WWF, you should still pick it up or at least rent it.
Video Games (Dec, 1999)
Zwar könnt ihr euch mit euren Idolen sehr gut identifizieren, durch einige Patzer in der Kollisionsabfrage und kleinere Clipping-Probleme fällt die Grafik aber trotzdem etwas unangenehm auf. Die Kamera macht bei der ganze Action wiederum einen recht guten Job, und rückt eure spektakulären Aktionen immer ins rechte Licht. Auch die Soundseite wird mit offiziellen WCW/NWO-Themen bestens abgedeckt, und wartet mit harte E-Gitarren-Riffs und satten Beats auf. Auch die beiden Original-Sprecher klingen unglaublich realistisch und sorgen, auch wenn sie sich manchmal wiederholen für eine tolle Atmosphäre. Erwartet aber bloß keine beinharte Simulation!
Game Critics (Oct 07, 1999)
I'm not going out on a limb when I say that it's evident that EA was tired of standing by while Acclaim and THQ rolled in the dough and correctly believed that there was enough wrestling fan dollars to go around. Their mistake was believing that Mayhem would be the right way to get at it. Aside from the above average gameplay, Mayhem overall only succeeded at underwhelming me. It comes into the ring with the minimum (create-a-player, lots of wrestlers) and does little else to bring it over the top. If this release is any sign, then Acclaim and THQ have little to worry about even from a big player like EA.
GameSpot (Sep 24, 1999)
Despite its flaws, WCW Mayhem still manages to be a really fun game, and it is definitely worth picking up. But after playing it at length, I can't help but wish there was more to the game. It's got all the prerequisite modes that you'd expect from a modern wrestling game, but the flawed AI makes single-player too easy, and the multiplayer has its own set of problems that you may or may not be able to look past. Hopefully, EA will make good on its promise to include more of the storyline aspect of professional wrestling in next year's sequel.
Mega Fun (Dec, 1999)
Um es gleich vorwegzunehmen: WCW Mayhem kann Acclaims WWF Attitude in keiner Beziehung das Wasser reichen. Zwar bietet die Simulation eine große Menge authentischer Kämpfer und eine Vielzahl abwechslungsreicher Spielmodi, jedoch bereits beim ersten Betreten des Rings fallen dem Kenner gravierende Mängel ins Auge. So ist die Kollisionsabfrage oftmals unzureichend. Die Animationen der Kämpfer wirken starr und behäbig, so dass die Charaktere etwas an das Monster Frankenstein erinnern. Auch die Arenen, in denen die Kämpfe stattfinden, wurden sehr lieblos digitalisiert. Hier hätte ich mir zum Beispiel animierte Zuschauerränge oder eine größere Menge authentischer Details gewünscht
To help with the review, I had a few friends come over and kick around the multiplayer mode for a while. The end verdict from nearly everyone was that, while this isn’t the best wrestling game we’ve ever played by a longshot, it is a very commendable effort from EA. Personally, I’m definitely looking forward to their next wrestling offering, because they’re off to a great start. On its own, WCW Mayhem may leave many gamers feeling a little cold, putting this title firmly into the “Try before you buy” category.
The controls are more intuitive than most recent wrestling games, which makes the game easier to pick up and generally more fun (although it also makes it a bit more superficial than, say, WWF Attitude). The ability to leave the arena and slug it out in the bathroom or first-aid room really adds a hysterical feeling of chaos, and the use of humorous play-by-play from Gene Okerlund, Bobby Heenan and Tony Schaivone combined with the frequent (and mostly well-done) camera cuts give the game more of a TV-style presentation than any other I've seen. So while the game's not spectacular, it is worth checking out, and it makes me eager to see what a sequel might bring.
65 (Dec 02, 1999)
La réalisation, en revanche, laisse plutôt à désirer. Si le son est de bonne facture, notamment les commentaires, le graphisme est médiocre, et on peut déceler pas mal de problèmes de clipping, à savoir que les textures des catcheurs ont tendance à s'entrechoquer et se mélanger, ce qui gâche sensiblement le rendu général. Tous comptes faits, WCW Mayhem ne va pas chambouler les forces en présence sur Playstation, mais s'avère être un jeu sympa, surtout grâce à sa très bonne jouabilité.
Consoles Plus (Nov, 1999)
Le jeu est assez fidèle à l'ambiance de ces shows endiablés, les personnages sont assez bien reproduits. Reste que des jeux dans le genre, il y en a un paquet, que Mayhem n'est pas très joli, et que c'est loin d'être le meilleur. Les prises sont peu nombreuses et les persos mal animés.
Game Revolution (Oct, 1999)
The Playstation version has the advantage of good sound - longer musical tracks and both WCW Announcers (Tony Shiavonne and Bobby Heenan). Once, while fighting, the two announcers started having an argument about illegal weapons that had nothing to do with the fight; a nice touch, but most of the time they spew out the same old lines.