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Wild Arms Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Anime intro. Our heroine Cecilia certainly looks more beautiful here than in-game
Talking to people in Cecilia's monastery
The entrance to Adelhyde castle. Note the beautiful design on the floor
Spells are learned ("bound") in magic shops. You have to find special crests to be able to bind a spell
Cecilia attacks a boss enemy with a fire spell. The boss enemy doesn't seem to mind the low polygon count
Dungeons have more puzzles than you'd usually see in a Japanese RPG. Here, Jack is pushing blocks into openings
Yes, we are both super-deformed. But I've learned to cope. You - well, you seem to have anger management issues because of that, you know what I'm saying?
This is a gastronomic paradise!
Oh yeah? And you fight like a cow!..
Camera keeps switching perspective during the 3D battles. I think Wild Arms was the first Japanese RPG with this cinematic approach
The Elw (sic) shrines scattered around Filgaia are mysterious, atmospheric locations
Battle backgrounds are detailed, and attack animations are not bad at all, considering the year the game was released in
Cecilia can rewind back time to start a puzzle anew
You'll meet many supernatural creatures on your way - good and bad
The snowy Mount Zenom
Low-level spell cast on flying enemies with snowy backgrounds
The town of Saint Centour, with a parrot acting as a save point
Cage Tower dungeon
Casting a lightning spell on weird enemies
A shrine dungeon; more statues, more box-pushing...
Rudy's basic Prism ability in action
Exploring the Sand River
Mushrooms attack; Cecilia is afflicted by bad status...
Rudy is throwing a box at an innocent girl. The box hits her and explodes. She survives
Pleasing Garden dungeon
Jack attempts to steal from an intimidating enemy
Ghost Ship exploration. Jack is using his Grapple ability
A fearsome boss casts a spell of his own
Exploring the world map. Birds are flying around...
Opening the general menu in the Town of Rosetta
I don't think your Bomb ability will help with this lava, Rudy...
This puzzle needs cooperation between all the three characters
Jack is sending Hanpan, his pet rodent, for quick exploration
This spell hurls colored balls at the enemy. I hope they notice that
Dashing prints on a conveyor
Whoa! Fighting a tank-like monster!..
About mid-game some of the dungeons take a clear sci-fi direction. This is connected to the game's story
Rudy is using his Rocket Launcher ability on these weird monsters in a modern dungeon
Switch between your characters at any time and view the abilities they have learned
Later in the game you'll gain access to Guardian summons!
Battle on the world map in the middle of the game; dangerous insects attack, but Rudy has just learned a new ARMS ability!
Secluded islands with poisonous water
Another guardian summon. What's he gonna do, pray for the enemies?..
Colored statues puzzle. Cecilia is using her Vase ability, which is completely irrelevant
Demon's Lab dungeon - more sci-fi thematics
It's a good thing you can see the boss from afar and prepare well!
Boss battle slightly after halfway through the game. This guy is no slouch!..
Prison forest dungeon. You'll need a special key for that chest
Psychedelic images in the Metalica dungeon
In this secluded area, the MONKEY serves as a save point!..
Battle in an open castle. Rudy uses his Bazooka ability on enemies. Nice effects!
The cozy-looking Pandemonium dungeon
Calling a high-level summon during an Arena battle. Let them duke it out!
One of the game's last locations. Solve the switch puzzle!..