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WipEout 3 Credits

74 people (50 developers, 24 thanks)


Sound EffectsMike Clarke
Lead DesignWayne Imlach
Lead ProgrammingNeil Patterson
ProgrammingPeter Bratcher, Naresh Hirani, David Jefferies, David Ranyard
Graphics / ArtworkMark Frazer, Mat Garey, Josée Lupien, Nicholas Phillips, Andrew Walker, Nicky Carus-Wescott, Andy Whiteley
DesignMark McGinley
Music & SoundGary McKill
ProducerAlan Raistrick
Design TeamMark McGinley, Scott Naylor, Paul Walker
Lead GraphicsNicky Carus-Wescott
Leeds Studio Manager/Executive ProducerJonathan Freedman
Additional DesignThe Designers Republic
FMV-TeamPaul Bahr-Naylor, Jeff Bramfitt, Darren Douglas, Steve Gilbert, Christian Lavoie, Ashley Sanders, Alexander Coe (Sasha), Nicky Carus-Wescott
Central Product ManagerEnda Carey
Manual TextRussell Coburn
Manual ApprovalLee Travers, Stephen Griffiths
Marketing TeamSue Campbell, Kevin McSherry, Jane Donahue
PR-TeamNino Ceraolo, Jonathan Fargher, Glen O'Connell, Charlotte Panther (US)
Creative ServicesMartin Harrow, Richard Turner, Rik Tyson
TestersStuart Allen, Dean Ashley, Matthew Brooks, Neil Clarke, Alan McArdle, Thomas O'Connor, Jason Platt, Paul Tweedle
Not to be forgottenDonald MacDonald (BBC Resources), Mark Green, Sam Brown, Phil Quirke-Webster, the Liverpool Studio, Ian Jenkinson, Guy Ornadel (Balance Management UK), Tara Morgan (Excesslon - The Agency), Jenny Derbyshire (Excesslon - The Agency), Nigel Templeman (ETC management), Matt Edwards (ETC management), Pete Hadfield (Deconstruction Records), Stephen Luckman (Sherldans), Chris Blrch (Cruise Control), All staff at Cruise Control, Steve Lindon (Music licensing), Kay at Thrive, Suzann at 3AM, Chris at Kleber, Mike Sault, Clemens Wangerin, Dawn Palne, Claire Garvie, and any others who helped us out - Cheers!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Mat Garey (6), Wayne Imlach (83), Tobias Küper (312) and Mike Clarke (62)