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WipEout Credits


Managing DirectorsIan Hetherington, Jonathan Ellis
Director of DevelopmentJohn White
ProducerDominic Mallinson
Product ManagerSue Campbell
Product AssistantClaire Garvie
Team LeaderNicky Carus-Wescott
Game DesignerNick Burcombe
ProgrammersDavid Rose, Rob Smith, Jason Denton, Stewart Sockett
3D & 2D ArtistsNicky Carus-Wescott, Laura Grieve, Louise Smith, Darren Douglas, Pol Sigerson
Additional Game Graphics and PR/Marketing GraphicsLee Carus-Wescott
Conceptual ArtistJim Bowers
Additional Graphic DesignThe Designers Republic
MusicTim Wright
Sound EffectsTim Wright
PR ‑ UKGlen O'Connell
PR ‑ USAMark Day
PR ‑ FranceCatherine Jaymond
PR ‑ GermanyIngo Zaborowski
Manual Written byDamon Fairclough, Nick Burcombe
Packaging Design & DirectionThe Designers Republic, Anthony Roberts, Keith Hopwood
Technical AssistantPaul Charsley
Development SecretaryJennifer Rees
Quality AssuranceMark O'Connor, Mark Inman, Paul Tweedle
Special Thanks toSoftimage, SGI, Bars & Pipes Professional, Cluffy, Paul McGarvey, Rob Holden, Paul Hartnoll, Joanne Galvin, Michele Raulin, Caroline Dupuy, Chris Meredith, and everyone at Psygnosis

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Ian Hetherington, 19 other games
Mark Day, 19 other games
Keith Hopwood, 19 other games
Louise Smith, 18 other games
Nicky Carus-Wescott, 15 other games
Sue Campbell, 13 other games
Caroline Dupuy, 13 other games
Paul Charsley, 12 other games
Stewart Sockett, 11 other games
Laura Grieve, 9 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Terok Nor (27780)