World Championship Snooker Credits

Blade Interactive Studios

3D EngineGary Leach, Jeremy Moore, Huw Lloyd, Mike Singleton
Maths and Physics EngineHuw Lloyd
AISimon L. Tomlinson (credited as Simon Tomlinson)
Additional Physics and AIJake Gartland
Main Game CodeMark Dieterman, John C. Ogden, Gary Leach, Joseph Taylor, Tom Miles
Frontend CodeStephen Wright
AnimationColin Price, Jeremy Moore
ArtworkColin Price, Dave Maxwell, Alan Chi Loon Tang (credited as Chi Loon Tang), Jason Swift-Clewes, Tyronne Bramley
Audio and MusicTom Grimshaw, Jude Hirschheimer
Master ClassJohn C. Ogden, Mark Dieterman, Simon L. Tomlinson (credited as Simon Tomlinson)
ManualSimon L. Tomlinson (credited as Simon Tomlinson)
Quality ControlDebbie Jones, Tom Grimshaw
Development ManagerGary Leach
ProductionDebbie Jones
Project ManagementSimon L. Tomlinson (credited as Simon Tomlinson)
Network AdministratorMatthew Austin
With Thanks ToThe World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association[WPBSA], Chris Collinson (Audio Motions), Moss Bros.[Manchester]


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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (151765)