X-Bladez: Inline Skater Credits

Vision Scape Interactive

PresidentMatt McDonald
Chief Financial OfficerTammy McDonald
ProducerBarb Downey
Game DesignPatric Starr
ProgrammingBrandon Bogle, David Dentt
ArtistsHoward Springsteen, Wesley (credited as Wesley), Andrew Rose, Geoffrey Knobel, Ryan Benjamin, Tom Hussmann, David Riewald, Clayt Ratzlaff
Sound DesignJason Ritz
TestingBrad Nelson


Music byAndrew Wilson, and, Uncle Voltron [www.unclevoltron.com]
Uncle VoltronPeter Tintle (Vox), Chuck Wagon [Lead Guitar], Hodaka The Vanquisher [Drums], The Doctor [Rhythm Guitar], Michael F. Manalese (Bass)

Crave Entertainment

Executive ProducerMichael Arkin
Associate ProducerChris Scaglione
QA ManagerJohn Bloodworth
Lead TesterJudy Baughman
TestersJennifer Barbour, Wesley Bunn, Nam Kim, Adrian Lewandowski, Joseph Olivas, Ramiro Ramirez, Ramon Ramirez, Marlus Dos Santos, Jamie Saxon, Mark Sullano, Ron Talay
Product ManagerCraig Owens
Creative Services ManagerRyan Villiers-Furze
Creative AssistantEthan Malykont
Marketing Services CoordinatorYumi Saiki
Special ThanksNima Taghavi, Ronald Scott, Mark Burke

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (152412)