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X-COM: UFO Defense Credits


ProducerStuart Whyte
Quality AssuranceDarren Kirby, Craig Lear, Daniel Luton, Justin Manning, Philip McDonnell, Jason Sampson, Klaus Starke, Donald Witcombe
Programming ConversionGraeme Ashton, Bob Koon
Additional ProgrammingTim Cannell, Paul Dunning, Nick Thompson
Playstation Design ImplementationAndrew G. Williams
Additional ArtworkDrew Northcott, Martin Severn
Original Game Music CompositionJohn Broomhall
Original SFX DesignAndrew Parton
Playstation Music Conversion & Additional Music CompositionAllister Brimble
Audio Post ProductionMatt Vowles
Audio ProducerJohn Broomhall
PublisherRob Davies
Packaging DesignSarah Warburton
Manual Design & LayoutSarah Kerr
Managing EditorAlkis Alkiviades
Manual Writer & EditorRick Haslam
Brand ManagerAdrian Turner
Thanks ToSheila Boutin, Valentina Holden, Marc Curtis, Gareth Davies, Steve Hickman, Laurie Sinnett, Scott K. Tsumura

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kate Jones (480)