Xena: Warrior Princess Screenshots (PlayStation)

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Main menu
Scene from the Intro
Xena and Gabrielle
This is the Training Area
The Road to Oebalus
The adventure starts here
An enemy warrior attacking
No one can stop Xena!
Fighting multiple enemies
Look out for health potions or other items
Xena's friend Siras is dead!
Trouble in Oebalus
Some scrolls give useful tips
Pirates are sacking the town, you must rescue the hostages
The chakram in action
Yes, there is a lava level with jump puzzles.
The Chakram flying towards an enemy. In the first half of the game, one hit is enough to kill non-boss enemies if they don't block it with their shields.
This level requires you to save at least 4 villager. Coming too close and the pirate will kill the villager, so you have to use the chakram
Super Chakram, which automatically attack all enemies in your sight
Completely filling the Karma meter briefly grants Xena double damage
Even the first level contains a bit of hidden stuff. Kicking this cart sends it towards the ship
Getting hit by the cart, the ship is then tilted towards the shore, enough for Xena to jump aboard and grab the goodies
The shield upgrades Xena's armor, permanently reduces all damage taken.
The Resurrection Jewel acts as a check point, which will save you a lot of frustration. Unfortunately it can be used only once.
To get to the other side of the gate, Xena must somehow put out the fire and break down the gate.
Hitting the shark makes a few items come out of its stomach, including a surfing board !
"Air walk" kick, like Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat
Trying out Xena's moves. The spinning air kick is handy when you're surrounded.
All the bosses have a 'quirk' and can be easily defeated with a certain trick. This heavily armored pirate leader is susceptible to groin attack (!)
Facing a cyclops
This troll is invincible, can take everything you throw at him without a single scratch, and will never move from the bridge.
One has to wonder who put this note right in front of the troll.
Inside the king's castle, where Gabriel is supposed to be kept
Facing the King's two body guards
Minotaur's Labyrinth
Gabriel in the torture chamber
An amusing easter egg: the developer's room, with a computer, packs of soft drinks, a few posters of the TV series and a very long bug list.
Amazon village, after saving Gabriel. The staff seems to be more effective against these bikini-clad women for some reason.
Nice view from the bridge, except for the brain washed Amazons throwing boomerangs at us.