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magazine advertisement (US):
    Ancient weapons are being unearthed for use in a brutal war without meaning or end
    A young man's troubled memories hold the secret to releasing an unimaginable power
    Stunning animé and giant fighting robots - a futuristic RPG like nothing you've ever seen

    Stand Tall + Shake the Heavens.


    (Source: between pages 7 and 8 of "Superman: Man of Tomorrow", Issue 12, Winter 1999)

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (60344) on Mar 07, 2008.
    One fateful day, a starship passing through a distant star system suffers catastrophic malfunctions due to a sudden takeover of its computer systems by an unknown intelligence. Left with no other options, the captain triggers the self-destruction system in order to prevent the total takeover of the ship. As the explosions consume it, the starship breaks up and the resulting debris find its way to a planet in the system. Thus begins the story of Xenogears. Hundreds of years after this incident, we find a world engulfed in war. The prizes at stake are the technological wonders from centuries ago that give their possessor the power to overcome their neighbor in the struggle for dominance. Integral to this struggle, and an example of the technology at stake, is the discovery of giant humanoid robots through underground excavation. These metal behemoths, each as powerful as an army of men, rule the battlefield through sheer size and firepower. The true beginning of our story however, takes place away from the centers of power, and in a small village on the border of two nations at war.

    Fei Fong Wong, our protagonist, is forced to leave his home after a surprise attack by a giant robot team which ends in the destruction of his hometown. Adopted by the village elder as an orphan with no memory of his past, Fei's life up to that point had been an idyllic existence. The loss of his home and friends forces him to strike out on his own for the first time. What began as a struggle to survive though, becomes a quest for identity as Fei's mysterious past catches up to him. During his journey, Fei will meet various other characters with pasts as mysterious as his own. Facing opposition on all sides, Fei and his friends have no choice but to stand together in order to survive.

    In the Xenogears world, you will fight your opponents either bare handed or in giant robots. Characters mature as they gain experience and become stronger as you upgrade their equipment. Each character also has a unique robot. Just like the characters, the robots need to be upgraded as your opponents get tougher. You have to visit the Gear Part Shops where you can install various parts. Depending upon the situation you are in, you have to be flexible and find the most appropriate parts for the robots.

    Occasional inserts of anime will help you visualize the events that occur during the adventure. Featuring a full 3D environment, innovative battle system and immersive storyline, Xenogears is an RPG of epic proportions.

    Contributed by Alrightya (333) on Jul 04, 2005.

Back of Case (U.S. version):
    Stand tall & shake the heavens

    A mysterious organization is turning the tides of a century-long war with ancient, technology - giant combat robots.

    A failed attempt to steal one of these powerful mechanized weapons places it in the unwilling hands of young Fei and his dubious allies.

    Now he is pursued by military governments, royal pirates, spies, the emperor, and his own forgotten past.

    • Over 20 minutes of stunning hand-drawn anime tells this complex. futuristic tale
    • Battle in giant robots or hand-to-hand using intuitive combat systems without menus
    • Explore detailed, fully-rotatable polygonal environments

    Contributed by James P. Wong (2451) on Sep 25, 2003.

SCEA website:
    Xenogears provides the elements that made Final Fantasy® VII popular and adds original features such as giant fighting robot action, dramatic hand-drawn cell animation, and unique real-time battle systems.

    Players can rotate the amazingly detailed 3D gameplay maps 360 degrees, and have the ability to navigate around the environment by jumping and climbing.

    In battle, mega-robots can be controlled, adding great variety to play. A new real-time combat system eliminates restrictive menus, using button commands to provide fast -paced, intuitive action.

    Players can wield dramatic magical spells or engage in real-time polygonal mega-robot battles. Combined with dynamic camera angles and intense lighting effects, Xenogears is an experience that won't be forgotten.

    - Real-time 3D polygonal battles feature warring mega-robots

    - Traditional role-playing gameplay combined with the latest visual effects

    - Over 20 minutes of hand drawn cell animation brings this intricate, futuristic tale to life

    - Fully animated story scenes feature spoken dialog and sound effects

    - Elaborate computer generated imagery brings a new level of artistry unprecedented in RPGs

    - 3D gameplay maps can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing exploration in all directions

    - Characters can jump to further navigate and explore the detailed environments

    - Real-time combat system allows face paced, intuitive action without on-screen menus

    - Commands are assigned to controller buttons, allowing fast attacks and combination

    ©1998 Square Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Square Soft is a registered trademark of Square Co., Ltd. Xenogears is a trademark of Square Co., Ltd. U.S. Patent No. 5390937,5649862

    Contributed by msl (353) on May 25, 2001.