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Xenogears Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Animated intro
Starting the game
Wandering around in the village of Lahan. Your journey begins here...
At an inn in one of the towns
City map
Market in one of the game's biggest cities
Inside the Gear
Fighting an Aegisknight
The Kaiser's pipe organ
Initiation contest
Talking to Latina in a bar
Climbing to the rooftops
Battle at the top of the Goliath airship
Dining room
Bridge of a spacecraft you can navigate
Lift in the Sky City of Shevat
Another overhead map
A sandy gear battle. Viewing my options - "Ether Machine" is basically an equivalent of magic
The game is rich on diverse areas and even diverse world maps! Here I'm exploring this desert world in a gear; a controllable vehicle, a dungeon entrance, and a city are nearby
General in-game menu
The game has many references to religions - particularly Christianity. This here is an awe-inspiring church
Exploring the peaceful city of Nisan. Have you noticed how cities in this game are named after Hebrew months?
On-foot world map exploration, around Nisan
Early world map on-foot random battle
Gear battle in a cave! Choosing your attack type - watch the fuel!
The game has both on-foot and gear dungeons. This one is of the second variety. Gears can jump as well. Nearby is a save point and a robotic vendor
Lavishly decorated rooms are not uncommon in this game
No RPG is complete without a sewer dungeon! Fei here is jumping - maybe he likes the fact the fearsome mutant Rico has joined us?
Spectacular gear boss battle. The boss shoots at us from above
Isn't it great when you have Ellie in your party? Her gear is called "Vierge" - the only non-German gear name, and... well, you can figure out what it means
Indoor gear dungeons are present as well. You can rotate the camera hundred and eighty degrees
A magnificent area - a huge ship with several locations! Look how tiny we seem...
Beautiful view from a lounge high in the skies. Relax, have a drink...
Another impressive view - tiny people in a cold, mechanical dungeon...
Exploring some islands in our gears
Battle in a sunken ship! We have just recruited Billy, who uses guns in battles
Such peaceful villages are a rare sight in this game. We climbed right on top of the tower - and now are falling down!..
Fighting a fellow gear - Ellie uses a light special attack
The famed Tower of Babel - what a view, indeed!..
Enemy gear casts a suspiciously religious-looking symbol on my newly acquired partner - Maria
Finally, we made it to Solaris!.. With all its advanced civilization, they surely still appreciate... art, right? And no, Fei and Ellie aren't kissing, I just put them that way
High-level dungeon with mean-looking enemies. Note my new companions. And yes, even this game had to have one overly cute party member...
This is Xenogears - loads of text, hours of cutscenes, and some interesting philosophical remarks among the usual barely comprehensible ramblings
No, I'm not in the gear - I'm those tiny colored dots! We are exploring a gigantic city here!
The bad guys get a lot of stage time, and they are quite well-developed
A long, difficult gear dungeon late in the game. Dramatic angles, the final confrontation awaits...