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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Game Boy Colour - (US, Canada):


    Get all-new Bomberman action in explosive colour!

    The evil Babylon has laid a horrible curse on the sun, shrouding the land
    in darkness. Blow up monstrous trees in forbidding Forest, blast
    hungry fish while crossing the treacherous Ocean, and dodge parachuting
    bombs in the soaring Clouds. Help Bomberman make his way deep inside
    the evil empire to confront his hideous foe and free the sun, so light may
    shine again.

    • New side-scrolling Bomberman game play offers explosive action in
      two different modes: Normal and Jump.

    • Classic Bomberman-style power ups (Bomb Ups, Fire Ups, Speed Ups).

    • New Bomberman-style power ups (Clogs that slow you down,
      Penetration Bombs that destroy special blocks).

    • Continue your adventure using the handy password feature.

    Contributed by DreinIX (10663) on Dec 20, 2007.
    The hardest working character in the video game business is at it again -- and he's dropping more bombs than a flock of seagulls.

    Bomberman has enjoyed an illustrious career as a video game hero, battling foes and setting explosive traps everywhere from the NES to the N64. With eight games under his belt, Bomberman is suiting up once again for a brand new adventure for Game Boy Color. Bomberman has been quite wary of the media throughout his career, but after we accidentally bumped into him at a local explosives depot, he agreed to answer some questions about his upcoming quest. First of all, Bomberman, we would like to thank you for agreeing to meet with us. We're aware that you rarely grant interviews.

    Bomberman: What?

    N: Thanks for coming, Bomberman.

    BM: WHAT?


    BM: Hold on, I need my hearing helmet. My ears aren't so good these days. After a billion bombs going off next to your head, you wouldn't be doing so well either.

    N: That's completely understandable. Once again, Bomberman, we want to thank you for meeting with us.

    BM: Well, it's my pleasure, I guess. There was an unfortunate accident early in my career involving a persistent tabloid reporter and a short-fused bomb. Since then, I've been kind of nervous around the media.

    N: Uh ... you didn't bring any bombs with you today, did you?

    BM: Of course I did. But don't worry. Throughout the years I've learned a lot about bomb safety. You may have seen my inspirational public service announcements on PBS.

    N: Yes, well let's talk about your new game that's coming out on November 23, Bomberman Pocket. Your last adventure isn't even a year old, and you're back at it again. Where do you find the energy?

    BM: Mostly I'm inspired by my fans. Everywhere I go I hear the same thing, "When's the new game coming out, Bomberman?" I do it all for my admirers, but sometimes they can get to be annoying. Just last night I had to wear a disguise so I could get to Thermal Detonation class on time. I love my fans, but they have to realize that I have a normal life just like everyone else.

    N: Yeah, it must be hard to be such a visible figure in the public eye. What can your fans expect to see in this new game?

    BM: Explosions. Lots and lots of explosions. The new game is a side scrolling adventure, with two different ways to play. I have to talk to my agent about that, because it's like I'm doing two games for the price of one. Is that fair?

    N: Probably not.

    BM: That's right. I mean, the normal game has five overworlds, each one with five sub levels. That's 25 levels! I have to run around and blow up all the enemies before time runs out, and then they expect me to beat a nasty boss at the end of each world. I'm good, but that's a lot to ask of a guy.

    N: Oh, come on Bomberman. I'm sure you have plenty of power ups to work with.

    BM: Yeah, you're right about that. I've never seen so many crazy items to collect. All my usual stuff is there, like remote bombs, hearts, and vests; but I've also found some new helpful items like wings. I actually get to fly around the screen and bomb those idiotic enemies that are always in the way. I can't understand why a character would want to appear in my game as an enemy. Talk about being desperate for a job.

    N: You mentioned that there are two ways to play . . .

    BM: Oh yeah. There's also a Jump Mode, where I have to constantly jump and try to make my way to the top of a tower. I have to blow up enemies and beat bosses on the way, and if I reach the goal, then my performance is evaluated. Call me old fashioned, but I think making it to the top is good enough. Why do they have to assign a score to everything I do? You know, I'm lucky I don't have an inferiority complex.

    N: They probably give the scores so players can try to improve on their best efforts.

    BM: No duh, dummy. These bombs may have messed with my hearing, but I can still think clearly.

    N: Our apologies, Bomberman. Tell us, what's it like working on Game Boy Color?

    BM: It's been a pleasure. I'm used to working with the colorful landscapes of the N64, but I was honestly getting a bit tired of the monochromatic portable world. With Game Boy Color, the Forest levels are a lush green, and the Ocean levels are deep blue. Of course, Bomberman Pocket will work with Game Boy Pocket, but I personally suggest trying it in color. You know, I'm always prepared to try a new system. I'm a lot more versatile than other characters you'll meet in the industry.

    N: We don't doubt that, Bomberman. It sounds like your new game is pretty cool. Any parting words you'd like your fans to hear?

    BM: Yes. I suggest you practice hard before trying my new game, because it will challenge even the most well-rehearsed bombslinger. Also, I'd appreciate a little privacy now and then. If you see me on my way to Explosives class, please let me pass in peace. Otherwise, I just want to say that as long as there are evil bosses out there, you know that I'm going to be dropping bombs. No doubt about it.

    Bomberman Pocket is backwards compatible with all pre-existing Game Boy units.

    Contributed by Kartanym (12749) on Mar 03, 2006.

antstream tournament