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Title screen.
Main menu.
Our troubled heroine, Jane.
Jane has a lot of strange habits, such as walking in the rain...
... reading her friend's personal ads....
... and spying on her next door neighbours.
At the end of each chapter, you are presented with a questionnaire. Your answers determine how the story advances.
In between chapters, you can explore several personal objects of characters you've met that'll reveal more about their personalities.
Frank, Jane's neighbour.
Frank gifts Jane an umbrella so she can walk in the rain without getting wet.
Mary, Jane's best friend, shares an an emotional moment with her.
A glance over Mary's diary between chapters tells us she's going through a difficult time.
Jane's taken to drawing pictures of Frank...
... lots of pictures of Frank, and herself, together...
... erm... ok, that's kinda creepy.
Jane finds that Mary and her pen pal "P" are going to meet and decides to go and spy on them.
The mysterious "P". He mistakes Jane for Mary and dangerous hijinks ensue.