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atari warlords

Game Boy
Video Resolutions Supported Attribute Image 160×144
Color Depth Attribute Image 2-bit (4 greyscales)
Multiplayer Options Turn-Based Multiplayer (Game Link Cable)
Multiplayer Game Modes Attribute Image Free-for-all / One-on-one (VS)
Number of Players Supported Attribute Image 1-2 Players
Save Game Methods Attribute Image Game Media, Attribute Image Manual Save
Miscellaneous Attributes Battery Backed RAM, Game Boy Printer Support, Game Link Cable, Super Game Boy Compatible, Transfer Pak
  • 1 save slot

  • Nintendo 3DS
    Media Type Attribute Image Download
    Number of Offline Players Attribute Image 1 Player
    Number of Local Players via Wi-Fi 1-2 Players
    Miscellaneous Attributes Miiverse
    Notes Local wireless support is used to replicate Game Link Cable features.

    Technical information contributed by Michael Cassidy (21109), Harmony♡ (20663), Freeman (66024), Terok Nor (32674) and JudgeDeadd (27949)
    atari gravitar