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atari mania

Pole Position Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Game start
Real advertisement
Checkpoint coming up
Hi score

Atari 2600 version

Title screen
A crash!!

Atari 5200 version

Atari logo and game title
Title screen
Prepare to qualify!
Whoa, sharp turn here!

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen and game demo mode
Prepare for the qualifying lap!
Some racing...
Whoa, sharp turn!
Get ready to race!
Oops, I crashed into a sign
Don't crash into those other cars, or you'll explode!

BBC Micro version

Loading screen
Title screen
Start of the race
Right hand bend
Sharp left bend
A crash!

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Prepare to qualify!
Uh oh, a crash!

DOS version

Title screen
Prepare to qualify!
Lookout, sharp curve!
Start (CGA)
Game Over (CGA)

Intellivision version

Title screen
Prepare to qualify!
A crash!

TI-99/4A version

Title screen
Prepare to qualify!
Don't crash into other cars!
The roadway has many twists and turns
Oops, a crash!

Vectrex version

Title screen
Prepare to qualify!
Watch out for other cars...
A crash!

VIC-20 version

Title screen
Get ready to start!
Yikes, sharp turn!
Preparing to start a race

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
The main menu
Title screen (another version)
The main menu (another version)
Prepare to qualify!
Ready to start racing...
Don't crash on this sharp turn!
Oops, I crashed...
A fundamental tip: this game is very easy, except on these kind of tight curves. Centipede to you too!... Is this a kind of internal promotion or what? (original release).
Drive carefully, Centipede says (original release).
An Atari promotional placard. At this time (by the time of the original release), Atari was winning the race to acquire the rights of Pole Position.
The first version was published by Atari (original release) with the licence of Namco, the developing company.
I passed. Now, let's pole position (original release).
Pole position 1st and with a bonus (original release).
Now let's really race (original release)...
3, 2, 1... GO! (original release).
And here it is, Namco, the developing Japanese company (original release).
Ok, buddy, we know it already (original release).
Is this an Atari bug or what? Dig Dug was never released on ZX Spectrum (original release).
Extended play (original release).
And here it goes again (original release).
The Final Lap (original release).
I think I've fini... (original release).
Hall of fame (original release).
"This" game was over, not "the" game... ok... I admit, this is really the end of the game (original release).
Menu (Erbe Software release).
Something strange happened, the Zeppelin lost its Atari label (Erbe Software release).
Atari lost its rights from Namco for Datasoft (Erbe Software release).
You see... I wasn't kidding (Erbe Software release).
Every placard referring to Atari was either substituted by signs or by the logo of Datasoft (Erbe Software release).
Pole position version.
A good screen starting the race (Erbe Software release).