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Police Quest 2: The Vengeance Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Police Quest 2 Title
Jim Walls stats
Credit Screen #1
Credit Screen #2
One year later...
Lytton Police Station
Inside your civil car
Restore,Restart,Quit Screen
Inside Lytton Police Station
Locker Room
Your Desk Drawer
Homicide Office
Shooting Range
Narcotics Office
Adjust Your Sight
Burglary Office
Shooting range with officer Mills
Old Jasse Bains
You and Keith enroute to Jail
You have been warned
Jail parking lot
Inside jail
Luis Pate File
Oak Tree Mall Parking Lot
Copy protection screen.
Your locker.
There is a Sierra drawer on the office computer that has info on Sierra's games.
Looking up info on King's Quest IV, another Sierra Game.
If you start shooting at random you'll get this newspaper screen. Notice the King's Quest 4 reference.

Atari ST version

Title screen!
Mug shot of the main designer
Copy protection
Drifting into a parking spot at work
Sierra's in-game menus
Forget work, let's drive to a party!
Finding my workplace locked, I went on a little stroll to the south.
As in any Sierra game, you'll be seeing plenty of variations of this screen.
Office computer.
Newly remodeled Lytton police station.
Desk drawer.
File cabinet.
Bains' file.
Looks like they don't empty the waste basket very often in this office.
Shooting range.
Target practice.
Adjusting gun.
Getting chewed out by my boss.
Hitting the streets.
Talking to jailer.
Examining a stolen car.
This lady has had here car stolen too!
A witness at Cotton Cove.
Bains! Freeze!
Field kit.
Scuba kit.
Scuba diving.
This woman is selling flowers.
Inside airport.
Rentals desk.
Airport escalators.
A cameo by another Sierra character.
Airport bathroom.
Calling my girlfriend, Marie, on the phone.
At Arnie's.
Kissing my girlfriend on a date.

DOS version

Title screen (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
The story so far (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Part of the introduction; meet those responsible (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Inside Lytton police station
Locker room
Outside the police station (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Homicide office
Narcotics office
Burglary office
Shooting range
Your desk drawer
At the jail parking lot
Inside jail
At Oak Treek Mall
Cotton Cove
Police vs Jesse Bains
Scuba gear
Lytton airport
Lytton airport entrance
Inside Lytton airport
Airport bathroom
Outside Arnie's
Murder scene at a warehouse
753 Third Street
Marie's house
Is that Larry?
Welcome aboard.
Steelton PD building.
Inside the Steelton Police building.
Burt Park.
Pond in park.
Underground in the sewer system.
Marie has been tied up by Bains.
Title screen (CGA)
Part of the introduction; meet those responsible (CGA)
Begin the game outside the police station (CGA)
There's a shooting range here (CGA)
Title screen (Hercules Monochrome)
Outside the police station (Hercules Monochrome)
Entering commands... (Hercules Monochrome)

PC-98 version

Bond's Office - 8 Colors Mode
Bond's Office - 16 Colors Mode
Bonds and Marie - Anime style