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PlayStation 21 3.9
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SEGA Saturn 7 3.5
Combined User Score 28 3.8

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SEGA SaturnRPGFan (Jan 01, 1999)
Overall, the game is a true masterpiece. From the incredible graphics and soundtrack, to the compelling story, Policenauts is a true classic. The only shame is that this great game was never released stateside. Even though it is obviously in Japanese and all of the nuances of the story can't be found by non-Japanese readers, it still tells an incredible story just by sheer visual presentation alone. If you are a fan of Snatcher, or are just looking for a game that you can fully immerse yourself in, look no further than Policenauts.
PlayStationGameFan Magazine (Apr, 1996)
It can be said in all honesty that Policenauts has one of the best game storylines ever. Of course, I (a person whose entire grasp of the Japanese language came from three whole weeks of class) had a bit of help from Nick Rox understanding the intricate plot. I can only dream of seeing this "sequel" to Snatcher in English (I want to play it again so bad), but thanks to Konami's sports fever, the chances of seeing gems like this (or Genso) here in the states is about nil.
PlayStation (UK) (Sep 17, 2009)
It's also a style of game we'll perhaps never see again, its form and function too outdated to warrant much attention today. But in simplicity of function lies longevity. While Kojima's more ambitious recent games will age inexorably, the sharp anime lines and raw accessibility of Policenauts have a timeless edge, something shared by its older, more rounded cast. It's not for everyone, but in the dark sky of thrillers, point and click adventures, science fiction homage and Japanese esoterica, Policenauts is a bright, shining star.
SEGA (Apr 15, 2006)
This game is gorgeous to look at, painful to listen to and altogether more confusing than accidentally walking in on your parents when you were eight. Maybe that was just me. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Hideo Kojima is a genius, but a disturbed genius. His games make so little sense that they bend the fabric of space and time.
PlayStationAdventure Corner (Dec 16, 2009)
Das Endergebnis mutet aber eher wie ein Richard Kelly-Film an, wo viele Ideen und Ansätze nicht über die fehlende Tiefe und Kohärenz in der Story hinwegtäuschen können. Zusammen mit dem schmerzlichen Kritikpunkt, dass es für den Spieler im Grunde nicht viel zu Tun gibt und seine Rolle größtenteils zu der eines passiven Beobachters verkümmert, ist es genug um das Projekt 'Policenauts' als höchst mittelmäßig einzustufen und nur für Anime-Fans die mit dem japanischen Humor down sind und frühpubertären Jungs mit zu viel Zeit kann man eine echte Empfehlung aussprechen. Adventure-Liebhaber, sogar oder viel mehr gerade auch Fans von Kojimas anderen Spielen, verpassen nicht wirklich viel, wenn sie sich 'Policenauts' sparen.