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Pool of Radiance Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen #1
Title screen #2
Credits SSI
Credits UBI Soft
Title picture
Main menu
Character generation
Choosing character icon
Encounter with some Orcs
On the battlefield
Surprised by Kobolds
Random encounters? (surprise attack again)

Apple II version

Game Title Screen
In the middle of battle
Random encounter begins (is that drawing ugly or what?)
Example of a set encounter found in the game
Character icon editor screen
Caught in a huge fight

Commodore 64 version

Game title screen.
Automated demo highlights landmarks in the town of Phlan.
Character editor screen
Receiving commission from city council.
Surprised by orcs.
A random battle in progress
Treasure found after winning a battle.
At the entrance to the Slums.
A fight with a "class" of training goblins begins!
A piece of advice from an orc patrol leader.
A filthy stable in the Slums.
A game of chance in a tavern.
Asshole drunkies in a tavern!
Some hobgoblins are due to be relieved of their gold.
These hobgoblins are drifting into Dreamland...and then into Deadland.
Some orcs receive an "Eviction Notice".
In the Training Hall.
The Cleric Joel is about to attain a higher Level of Experience.
The "Rouge" Jakobi is about rise to a higher Level of Experience.

DOS version

Title screen #1
Title screen #2
pretty much in the beginning...
Phlan: Outside the City Hall
Character status screen
Receiving the first mission from the clerk
Did they all have the same tailor?
Caught in the middle of a drunken brawl at the tavern (can't an adventurer just drink & gamble in peace?)
A typical encounter with 1st level monsters is about to begin.
Whoops, didn't notice that party of Kobolds.
Settling down for some rest & relaxation (and maybe healing too)
Priestess of Sune
In shop
Character status screen - female version
Fight against Kobolds

Macintosh version

Title screen
Character creation
1st-person view, building in front of my party
Visiting the temple
Spellbook of my Cleric
Character status
The city clerk
Goblins in the slums
Can't say the Orc doesn't have a valid reason to be angry
Battle screen
I've made it to the wilderness, just outside the city
Fighting a Tiger
Dialogue options during encounters
Gates (or what's left of them) of Sokal Keep
Insect infestation
Surprised a group of Lizardmen in the wilderness (color)
The color support is limited, while things in the 1st- person view and the wilderness are non-monochrome, a lot of other graphics (e.g. portraits) are not.
Graveyard (color)
Install screen (GOG version)
Main title (GOG version)
Code protection screen (GOG version)
Creating new character (GOG version)
Main menu (GOG version)
Ready for tour of the city (GOG version)
The temple of Tyr (GOG version)
Area map (GOG version)
Talking to the council clerk (GOG version)
The guards don't like people snooping around where they shouldn't (GOG version)
Against all odds (GOG version)

NES version

Title screen
Pre-made characters
Creating your own characters
Starting the game
In the city
City slums
Battle spoils
Encounter with Goblins
In a fight with 3 helpless enemies (the enemy icons reflect this)
C) I forgot question

Town hall
Ok, it's a big trouble. We have no chance
Start game and guide
First fight is easy
Enemy falls asleep

PC-98 version

Main menu... not even a title screen!
Party creation. Alignment choices
Created a character
Choosing battle icons
What a party! :)
Dialogue screen
In front of a temple
Typical house entrance
City center
Camp screen
Goblin appears!
Battle interface
Battle arena
You can see the monster approach...
Good-bye, old life!..
New city, new life... or so I thought
Hey, this is not a way to greet tourists. Children might get scared. Get this thing the hell outta here!
Hey, you want to catch a movie together? Maybe a Broadway show?..
Finally, a female character!
Epic battle against a couple of scorpions