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Popeye 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen
Title in-game screen
Level 1 - Building site
Level 2 - Spinach factory
Level 3 - Jungle
Level 4 - Shipyard
Game Over

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen. Obviously, this is on tape.
Loading screen
I'll be strong to the finich cause I'll eat me spinach.
Well, blow me down! It's Eugene the Jeep!
So that's where the barrels are coming from.
I lost all my lives. Game over.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Copyright information
First level: the construction site
Getting higher
Be careful that Swee'Pea does not fall off the edge.
This awkward guy is blocking our way.

DOS version

Title screen.
Credits roll, start, and cheat input screen. All rolled into one.
The construction site.
Popeye takes a spring to the face.
Why do I have to feed Wimpy? Why can't I just shove him down the site?
The pause screen shows a sleeping Popeye.
Game over!
Level two, climbing up the Biff Spinach.
The platforms are dissolving underneath me!
The Biff Spinach logo.
I hope that's a coconut you're throwing at me monkey.
Jeep makes an appearance.
A conveniently bouncing spinach can in Level three helps in this fight.
The S.S. Self Reference.
Climbing a mast in Level four.

ZX Spectrum version

This is the first in a series of load screens. It is followed by copyright info and development team credits
Main load screen. After this appears there's quite a bit of loading still to be done.
The game starts here. There's a hamburger to the right and another on the level above. These must be collected as they are needed when I meet Wimpy.
Got one burger, just missed being hit by the falling weight, now on the ground to the left of the ladder. One more burger to get over to the left
Popeye must be positioned just right in order to exit the ladder. I was a bit slow and the bomb over on the right of the screen went off. That's flattened me. On the positive side I did fall on the bu
Another burger to collect on the left. The pick and other building tools are just artwork, they cannot be picked up or used
Now I must jump over to the right, avoiding the barrels that are rolling and falling down the gap
To progress I must jump the gap and climb the ladder on the left. The other character is also artwork and I found it to be of no use or assistance. The grey girder will collapse if walked on.
Made it across the gap but made contact with a barrel. Any contact with a barrel, sometimes even just being near one, knocks Popeye out
Next level. Barrels roll out of the cement mixer and come in from the left. There's another bomb on this screen too
Well the bomb went off while I was thinking what to do.
After several hits from barrels I've made it to the top. There's a burger to collect then a big jump to make
I thought the spring thing was something to jump onto, like a lift. Seems I was wrong - its fatal