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Populous Screenshots

User Screenshots

Acorn 32-bit version

Title screen
Game start
A monster creates a mountain ridge
Final fight to win the level
Level won
Well done mortal
Next level

Amiga version

Main Menu.
In game play.
A castle.
A lava world.
Enemy village.
Icy waste land.
A ice and snow world.
A desert world.
Enemy castles.

Atari ST version

The title screen
Starting a new game.
Ingame play.
A small village.
A forest.

DOS version

Title screen
Basic stats for the world you are about to play
The basic grassy plains world
Build suitable flat farmland for your followers
When you have enough power, declare an endgame with the Armageddon option
All of your followers vs. all of the other god's followers in an all-out Armageddon match
The other deity offers his congratulations
The desert landscape
You can plant poisonous swamps on your competitor's landscape (or your own, for that matter)
Here is the volcano power in action which can really mess up your opponent
This is the flood ability, though ideally you should not do it to your own followers
This is the rock and lava landscape
This is the snow and ice landscape
in game (EGA)
in game (CGA)

Genesis version

Title screen
The story
Start or continue a game.
And God, I, created the Heavens and the Earth.
Flattening the land so the people can build.
And I say unto them, go forth and multiply. My children prosper.
A snow level.
Waste land - not a good place to build!

PC-98 version

Title screen
Demo gameplay
In the middle of nowhere...
Look, little people are walking! :)
Scenario description
They have a house now :)

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen
Story #2
Level beginning

SNES version

Title screen and copyright
Title screen and main menu
Rock and Lava.
Bit Plains.
Cake Land Landscape.
World introduction.
Japanesque Landscape.
Well done Immortal.
Silly Land Landscape.
I will never love a console like I loved the Super Famicom.
Nice Landscape indeed.
One more. Different world.
Piglet World.
Burning houses.
Game Lost.
Something will appear next...

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen
Mountains terrain is useless
Big sign
Knight is powerful unit
Game won
Sands. Sands everywhere!
Time to dismount mointain
So this is christmas....