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Portal Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The introduction sequence
Title screen
Beginning the story
The main interface
Entering a database
Part of the story
A priority three message

Apple II version

Identify yourself!
Part of the introduction
Title screen
Hmm, seems to be some compatibility problems
Part of the story
Exploring with the main database interface
Some useful information? Or not?

Commodore 64 version

The introduction sequence
Title screen
Beginning the story
The main interface
Part of the story
Entering a database
Reading a file...

PC Booter version

The title screen
The main interface -- each icon represents a database.
The database info on Homer, the storyteller AI.
The main plot is told like in a book.
Each database contains a register of messages. Homer will sometimes inform you of new developments.
The geographic database. An illustration adds to each text.
You can access personal charts for each of the protagonists.
Ah, romance!
This is what the future looked like back in '86...
Slow and clumsy, eh?
Restore from one of the 3 save slots? (CGA, composite)
Title screen (CGA, composite)
Choose one of the Worldnet databases (CGA, composite)
Perusing classified files at Central Processing (CGA, composite)
Worldnet's on-line help (CGA, composite)
Some background in retro-future-history (CGA, composite)
Come to Homer! (CGA, composite)
Homer, the storyteller AI, shares some feelings. (CGA, composite)
Data on the story's various characters gradually emerges. (CGA, composite)
Almost as invasive as real-world Big Data firms. (CGA, composite)
Some more intimate medical data. (CGA, composite)
Worldnet's inner workings explained (CGA, composite)
Who shall we peek into? (CGA, composite)
Browsing Sable's EdMod records (CGA, composite)