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atari yars

Post Mortem Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Loading screen
Game start - "You died by electrocution..."
"You are in an endless tunnel..."
Every screen transition starts with a picture zoom .
"You are in the celestial plains..."
Hell's death screen - Zoom in
Satan's death screen
Guardian angel's control room
Nightmare world
Meeting Einstein
A software pirate
The Arc of Covenant
Death screen - Cain kills you and Abel with a joystick
Noah having fun with a goat
Death screen - Cupid
The Celestial Institute of Luck
Prayer receptor
Weather control machine
Magi mailbox

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays as the game loads
This is the game's main interface screen. In the bottom window is a mouse that's moved left / right by the O & P keys to the appropriate action, SPACE then selects
You died, electrocuted when you plugged in the Spectrum. You get reincarnated to finish the programming of the adventure 'Post Mortem'.
"Your mission begins now. Your soul floats vaguely in the ether. Inert, you see your body. You can only go up." So the mouse moves to the upward pointing feet and ...
Looks like we're moving toward the light. This is a feature of the game. Move, get a big picture, then the same picture appears, smaller, in a game window
"You are in a tunnel without end, with a strong glow at the bottom. Notes guide someone mentally. You can go to the bottom, left or right."
I turned left and this greeted me. It does not look good. This is the game-over screen. From here the player is taken to the main interface screen.
You have fallen into the clutches of Satan and he has eaten you as programmer soup with garlic. End of the Game. Keystroke. Try again ...
If I'd gone right instead of left ... "You are in the great plains of heaven. You can go up and right"
Going right resulted in another trip to Satan. Straight on comes here
You have entered the control and monitoring room of the Guardian Angels. You can go right or forward
Next screen. You are in the world of nightmares: there are fauns and monsters. You can go right or forward
Who have we here?
"Einstein begins to tell his discoveries. Hold on for a while and do not despair." The game actually pauses for a while here

If the game is going to pause then this must be the end / beginning of a section. A good time to save methinks.