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Postal Plus Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
First new level - "EZ-Mart". Postal Dude flips out when he learns they refuse to stock his game. I think you can figure this one out.
Second new level - the shantytown
Postal Plus' major change to the original is to trade Postal Dude's bathrobe in for a swanky new black leather coat.
Final new level - the resort. Lots of senior citizens.
Third new level - a post-earthquake city
One of the "challenge" levels. Capture all the flags you can in the time limit.
Yes, those are nudists. Yes, they have little polygon peckers.
Another challenge level - run through a city full of hostiles to retrieve a flag in the shortest amount of time.
Postal Dude is no one's caddy.
Poor people - Postal Dude Sr. is here
2 disasters - earthquake and PD senior.
"Hero" - always back to the fire
Flamethrower gives so much fun!
Time mission