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Catharsis in a box. Windows Kaddy B. (796)
RWS teaches kids that killing is boring Windows Zovni (10633)
Don't judge the game yet...there's fun to be had! Windows MojoHelperMonkey (42)
Not actually BAD...but it tries too hard... Windows Mr. Me (34)
I regret nothing Windows Tony Denis (506)

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WindowsGame industry News (GiN) (Apr 27, 2003)
Postal 2 would have scored extremely highly even if it did not contain such crazy violence. The game is well-made and I don't think anyone who buys it will think they did not get their money's worth, especially if you are forewarned about the violence you can expect once inside. The game gets a few points off in the gameplay sub-score due to long load times that occur between sections of the town - sometimes as long as 30 seconds on our test computer - but not enough to take away from its perfect score of 5 GiN Gems. You will probably have a great time playing, but feel a bit dirty afterwards.
82 (May 08, 2003)
There's a big chance you won't like Postal 2 for two reasons. One would be the type of humor present here and another one the lack of certain elements considered a standard in the FPS domain. I liked it so much that I managed to overlook the fact that the presence of an “enhance mode” after finishing the game cannot replace the multiplayer mode. The producers promised that we'll get in the near future an expansion pack which will contain Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Cooperative, modes which will be played by a maximum of 32 players and along with the help of the Unreal editor we'll see some interesting mods. Is Postal 2 the best game of all times? No. Is it a Killing People Simulator, a FPS or a first-person adventure? It depends how you look at it. Will it be one of the most disputed games in history? Maybe.
WindowsGame Over Online (Apr 07, 2003)
On the other hand, there's no denying that parts of Postal 2 can be disturbing. If it gets as much press coverage ex post facto of its release, it will face some easily foreseen obstacles. The amount of development time focused on arson is probably a testament to that disturbing part. But Postal 2 isn't disturbing just because it wants to be disturbing. It's also out to make a statement, whether it's conscious of it or not, and it's that part that gives it some value beyond the mere technical mechanics.
WindowsPC Gamer (2003)
One major disappointment in Postal 2 is the absence of a multiplayer mode: Cooperative carnage would be a perfect topping for this outrageous dessert, especially since I beat the game in less than 10 hours. But this gripe aside, it’s still a nonstop tour de force of insulting insanity. And even though I should be disgusted by the potty humor and derogatory caricatures, I had a blast playing it.
WindowsGameguru Mania (Apr 16, 2003)
Postal 2 is not for everyone. Mindless slaughter and great death scenes make this game a must for any hard core gamer or serial killer. With plenty of urine, puke, blood and guts, Postal 2 is definitely pretty sick (and fun) game. But whatever, it's just a game right? I don't take violence in games seriously. I find violence as good entertainment value. However, how Vince Desi says: "It's funny until someone gets hurt... then it's absolutely friggin' hysterical." That's right! Additionally, Postal 2 takes everything that is politically correct in America and throws it out the window, I very like it! Finally some FUN! That's great game to relieve stress.
76 (May 21, 2003)
In short, Postal 2 is brainless fun for young and old... but not for long. The game bores pretty fast and that's mostly because of the long loading times that irritate the hell out of you. Also the significant amount of bugs make Postal 2 an unfinished game. The humour-level on the other hand makes up for a lot. One advise: be sure to play the demo before deciding whether or not to buy the full game.
75 (Apr 12, 2003)
Postal 2 is a game that some might like, while some might hate. It's as politically incorrect as it goes, but that was one of the reasons that I liked it so much. It features very nice graphics, great audio and above all very fun gameplay. Black humor, satire, lots of violence, very detailed levels, great AI and entertaining missions are all ingredients of a potentially great game, and the RWS guys managed to squeeze all that into the game. A minor problem is that there's still not enough blood in the game, at least comparing to Soldier of Fortune series. However the real downfall of the game is that it feels too short, happens in one place that you might get tired of, and (even more disturbingly) lacks multiplayer.
WindowsActionTrip (Apr 09, 2003)
So when you sum it up, you get RWS's collective thumbing of the nose at conventional wisdom, politics in gaming and lower-class America in the form of the most hyper-violent game I've seen since Soldier of Fortune. Intentionally ironic and satirical, Postal 2 picks up where its predecessor left off - as a game that, while highly controversial, is shitloads of fun. (Ed.- cough) Huh? Oh yeah, one more thing, parental guidance is highly recommended, so please if you aren't over 18, don't play this game. (Ed.- Nice cover.) Thanks, now if you don't mind, I have some punk bitches to glock.
WindowsGame Chronicles (May 31, 2003)
While I sit here and wait for CNN to break in with the inevitable news story about the kid who went on a killing spree because he played Postal 2, I have to decide how to rate this game. Postal 2 is definitely an acquired taste and you are either going to “get it” or not. Chances are you know if you’ll like this game after reading the second paragraph of this review. I know I will like it a lot better when RWS releases a patch to speed up those load times.
WindowsRealGamer (Jan 07, 2008)
Postal 2 has received a lot of criticism for its OTT content and whilst some of it is called for, some of it is certainly unfair. At the beginning of the game is a warning pointing out the games violence and gore and this is exactly what the game claims to be, violent, controversial, probably offensive and partly damn right sick. If you go out and buy your son or daughter a Disney game only to find that you control escaped convict Mickey Mouse as he goes around killing his neighbours then you would be understandably upset, Postal 2 however is known to be a violent game and if this is why you bought it you wont be disappointed. Despite its lack of any real base line the game is addictive and replay able offering numerous ways to complete each task, if you’re easily offended then simply don’t buy it, anyone else might find a good game hidden in all of that controversy.
WindowsBoomtown (Jun 07, 2003)
Postal 2 is a game with very little actual point to the proceedings. There's no feeling of satisfaction when you complete a part of the game and the difficulty appears to be made up by having more assailants rather that harder to kill ones. It helps to have a decent weapon, but shooting someone with an automatic rifle takes at least 5-8 shots whereas a single shot with a shotgun will kill them instantly? There are little bugbears throughout the game like this, and they spoil it slightly. Overall it's thoroughly competent and there's nothing really wrong with it, it just doesn't feel like someone has spent months, even years with it as a labor of love. Slightly above average, but only by a little bit!
WindowsShooterplanet (Dec 18, 2003)
Dieses Game sollten sich wirklich nur Hartgesottene Shooter-Fans antun. Mit der Art und Weise, wie hier mit dem Thema umgegangen wird, geht so manchen (mit Recht) zu weit. Keine Frage, die Grafik, der Sound und die Umsetzung sind gut gelungen. Mit etwa 15 Stunden Spielzeit ist der Shooter aber relativ kurz. Ein Mehrspieler-Teil gibt es nicht. So bleibt nur zu sagen: Wer sich das Teil etwa aus den USA besorgen will und kann, sollte dies tun. Fans mehr taktischer Shooter sollten die Finger davon lassen.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (May 30, 2003)
Ben je echter op zoek naar een goed spel in dit genre (weliswaar minder extreem), dan zou ik gaan voor de GTA3-reeks, want deze Postal 2 is en blijft mijns inziens een zeer middelmatig tussendoortje, dat een beetje overhypt wordt wegens bepaalde controversiële spel elementen. Net als het origineel en een spel als Hooligans is ook deze Postal 2 de hype niet waard. Erg pover tussendoortje.
WindowsWorth Playing (Apr 27, 2003)
Postal 2 is certainly a unique game, in the sense that despite its overall horrible presentation and nearly-broken gameplay, it still manages to keep your interest thanks to a slew of deranged conceptual additions. (I never thought I’d set Gary Coleman’s corpse on fire in a videogame, not in a million years.) But in the end, the game just didn’t receive the attention it needed in order to be, how you say, fun.
WindowsJust Games Retro (Jun 17, 2013)
These days, a virtual representation of firing indiscriminately into a screaming, cowering crowd is, frankly, extremely disturbing. But Postal 2 was created well before examples of this in real life started stacking up on the evening news, and its only agenda seems to be to push the violent video game debate even further out of its comfort zone. On that, RWS and I can both agree – as long as what happens in a game stays in a game, it’s harmless. In that sense, Postal 2 is the ultimate power fantasy – where you’re free to do anything you want with no consequences and no one to stop you. Provided, of course, that what you want to do is at either of the two extremes of killing everyone in sight, or waiting passively in line.
60 Games (May 29, 2003)
Wo sind die Zeiten, in denen wir noch alle geil Rise of the Triad gespielt haben? Lange gab's keine richtig "guten" Splatter Spiele - mit der Rückkehr des Postal Dude's in Postal 2 ist die Zeit des Wartens vorbei. Die spaßige Art virtuelle Menschen zu töten hat mir besonders gut gefallen, alles ist extrem überzogen und ins Lächerliche gerückt. Allein die Anti-Gewalt Lobby, die mit Pistolen bewaffnet ins RWS Gebäude stürmen und dort von den Programmierern mit Sturmgewehren und lächerlichen Grinsern erwartet werden, haben's in sich. Makabre Einlagen, wie eine Katze als Schalldämpfer für ein Schrotgewehr zu verwenden gehören ebenfalls dazu, wie wahllos Leute mit Benzin zu übergiessen und sie anschließend anzuzünden.
60 (Feb, 2005)
En résumé, ce jeu n'est pas à mettre entre toutes les mains (il est par ailleurs interdit aux moins de 18 ans). En effet, il est difficile pour certains de faire la distinction entre réalité et jeux vidéo, ils auront ici encore plus de mal. De plus, s'il est vrai que l'on peut se changer les idées avec Postal 2 quelques instants, on n'est tout de même pas en présence d'un titre qui marquera l'histoire du jeu vidéo... Pour finir, un bon défouloir se doit, à notre avis, de ne pas pousser trop loin le réalisme. Carmageddon était en son genre plus sympathique et pourtant d'une violence relativement comparable à celle de Postal 2...
WindowsNetjak (Apr 21, 2003)
When it comes to recommending a game that was based off of a novelty rather than seriousness; it's a tough call. While I can't see paying 50 bucks for the game, I can see paying $20. Just because the game scores low in my book, doesn't mean it's a bad game. For the most part, it's a quick fun romp that is more pleasure than pain. But, the utter lack of tact make it more of a play on marketing rather than a quality FPS.
WindowsThunderbolt Games (May 07, 2003)
Postal 2 is one of the first games that I've played that I felt dirty for liking. It must have been my conscience recognizing the pure evil of the game or something similar, but I had this weird feeling in my tummy the whole time I played the game. Postal 2 is violent, obscene, dirty, and disgusting, but in this type of game it works well. From the start, many will compare this game rather unfairly to Grand Theft Auto, which this game is most certainly not. Postal 2 has much more freedom that GTA and the missions are actually fun. The only way the two are similar are all the glitches.
WindowsWithingames (May 03, 2003)
Die kleine Firma Running with Scissors ließ erstmals 1997 mit dem isometrischen Actiongame "Postal" aufhorchen. Das Spiel überzeugte weniger durch ein durchdachtes oder spannendes Spielprinzip sondern vielmehr durch ein Sammelsurium völlig übertriebener Gewaltexzesse, die dem Spiel bis heute zu trauriger Berühmtheit verhelfen. Der damalige US Publisher Ripcord Games, der weltweit als einziger Anbieter die unzensierte Fassung des Spiels veröffentlichte, distanzierte sich schnell von dem Titel und nahm ihn aus seinem Programm. Knapp sechs Jahre später steht nun der offizielle Nachfolger in den Startlöchern, der beweisen will, dass das Spiel auch auf spielerische Linie überzeugen kann und nicht nur auf sein Brutalo-Image angewiesen ist.
WindowsIGN (Apr 03, 2003)
After peeling into the IGN parking lot at about 10 in the morning (woke up early), I stumbled out of my car and directly into the women's restroom where I promptly extinguished my cigarette in the sink and unzipped my already unzipped pants to enjoy nature's most pleasing kind of relief. But something was amiss. While staring at the mass of terrified female coworkers scurrying around me, I suddenly and quite unexpectedly felt strangely compelled to urinate on the walls and ceiling. The urge was even more powerful than usual, anyway. Willpower overcame the desire to be evil in plain sight of others and I continued on with my day.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Apr 22, 2003)
Насилие в чистом виде не может быть развлекательным. Лошадиные дозы контркультуры и «чикатиловщины» являются для нормального человека не менее унылыми, чем круглосуточный просмотр ситкомов и удушливый микроменеджмент очередного «тайкуна». Игровая индустрия знает уйму примеров, когда капли алой жидкости и яркие образы выворачивали игроков наизнанку, сохраняя при этом таинственную субстанцию «fun». I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, DreamWeb, Harvester, Sanitarium, Blackstone Chronicles — в этих проектах жестокость и спорные темы органично дополняют общий замысел, а не болтаются в вакууме сырого геймплея. Черт возьми, даже первый Postal во сто крат увлекательней сиквела! До какой части тела (или органа) пытались достучаться своим произведением Винс Дези и компания, мы не знаем. Но попали они точно не в мозг.
WindowsGameSpot (Apr 15, 2003)
Released in 1997, the ultraviolent Postal almost immediately became a lightning rod for controversy. Senator Joe Lieberman decried it in Congress, it was banned in several countries, and developer Running With Scissors has been sued by the US Postal Service. Postal 2 continues the tradition of calculated offensive content, but this time faces a challenge much greater than angry politicians, antsy retailers, or the Postal Service. The enormous success of Grand Theft Auto III--which covers much of the same antisocial ground, only with more style, wit, and overall technical competence, as well as better gameplay--makes Postal 2 irrelevant right out of the gate. Essentially, Postal 2 strings together a bunch of violent novelties without ever constructing a compelling game for them to support.
Windowsgames xtreme (May 07, 2003)
The fun in urinating on someone ends quickly, putting cats on guns as silencers soon loses its appeal. Overall I would give this a miss, there is not much to it at all. Sure the violence is cool for a bit but after a while you won’t find a single reason to load it up.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (Apr 23, 2003)
Je kan Postal 2 van het net downloaden of in een online shop kopen, maar zelfs als je het totaal onzinnige geweld naast je neer kan zetten, eindig je met een bijzonder saai en slecht afgewerkt game gemaakt door een producent die er duidelijk van overtuigd is dat gamers idioten zijn.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux (Jun, 2003)
Postal 2 valt of staat bij wat je verstaat onder humor. En ja, dat blijft een subjectief begrip. Mensen met een naargeestige vorm van humor maken nu eenmaal onderdeel uit van onze samenleving, en wie zijn wij om deze bevolkingsgroep het recht te ontnemen op een game die aansluit bij hun behoeftes. Deze groep wordt in Postal 2 in ieder geval op zijn wenken bediend. Zie je het over-the-top geweld even door de vingers, dan blijft er een erg magere game over.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (May 29, 2003)
Postal 2 fails on more levels than it succeeds. Shock value for the sake of shock value is no premise for a full-length game. What’s more frustrating is that Running With Scissors hides behind its proclamations, wielding it like a fetish to ward off the evil spirits of clear perception: “Pay no attention to the faults behind the curtain; violence is not a means to an end, it’s an end unto itself!” A common modus operandi in the game is to joke about the lack of storyline to throw critical insight off the scent, then crow about the mind-blowing experience. Worst of all is the potential that underlies the title. With a little elbow grease and perhaps a dash of maturity, Postal 2 could’ve been a harrowing psychological tale of one man’s collapsing psyche. Sort of like the movie “Falling Down” realized in an interactive 3D environment. However, RWS missed an opportunity to set a new standard in adult gaming in their quest to be the baddest of the bad.
WindowsGames TM (May, 2003)
The game features some of the most abysmal combat we've seen in an FPS for some time, with baffling inconsistencies to the damage your shots inflict and some laughably flawed AI. Likewise, interiors are terribly primitive and come sparsely furnished with objects made from the crudest geometric shapes. By far our biggest gripe about the game, however, has to be the frustrating regularity of load points, each involving an unwelcome break in play of around 45 seconds. These points are helpfully signposted, but each zone is relatively small and you may be forced to cross several of these en route to your destination. The accumulation of these faults ultimately undermines any desire to explore for long, and makes for an altogether less entertaining affair than the wanton killing sprees GTA3 allows players to perform between missions as a mere a supplement to the main game itself.
WindowsFactornews (Apr 22, 2003)
Postal 2 est un jeu très moyen. Il est graphiquement moyen et ludiquement moyen. L'aspect "liberté de jeu" devient vite lassant (en partie dû aux PNJs trop costauds) et les missions sont très, disons le mot, chiantes. Même l'évasion de la prison n'est pas passionnante. Tout comme le premier, Postal 2 fera parler de lui, mais pas comme étant une révolution ludique (enfin il restera toujours devant Marylin Manson).
30 (UK) (May 06, 2003)
We were hoping Running With Scissors would be capable of pulling off more than a decent looking Half-Life mod crafted by a 13 year-old boy with a concerning fetish for mindless slaughter, but that's what it feels like we've been playing. The basic toilet humour running through the piece can't hide the short-lived gameplay, and leads to an extremely unfulfilling and tiresome experience that any sane person would be hard-pressed to push on with.
WindowsComputer Active (May 15, 2003)
Postal 2 looks and sounds like 3 far older game than it is and he plot, as far as it goes, is wafer thin. That said, there is a degree of interest in just roaming about and exploring :he game map, but slow loading between areas of the map and extremely buggy gameplay ensures that initial interest quickly rescinds. Ultimately, Postal 2 is a poorly executed first-person adventure, which tries to hide its shortcomings by pretending to offer something clever and dangerous. Ultimately though, it isn't half as clever or dangerous as its designers believe. Violent computer games aren't necessarily a problem but extremely poor ones are.
18 (May 20, 2003)
In our free society people can make and release a game like this if they so wish. Thankfully I am then also free to tell you just how bad Postal 2 is. You are then free to buy something else. See, capitalism does work. If you want to explore a city, enjoy some operatic gun battles, alongside a great story buy "Mafia". If you want a more free form driving/action game get "GTA3" or its sequel "Vice City". If you want a truly huge world, where can literally be anyone and do anything, buy "Morrowind". If you want a genuinely funny game get the "Grim Fandango" or "No One Lives Forever 2". If you want an action packed shooter buy "Medal of Honour" or "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". If you want to waste twenty five pounds you' have more fun simply burning it. There are literally hundreds, no thousands, of games out there are far superior than Postal 2 in every respect. Is it controversial? No, just plain old bad.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Jul, 2003)
Until someone boxes tip syphilis and tries to sell it at retail, Postal 2 is the worst product ever foisted upon consumers.